Bioeffect Hydrating Cream EGF & Moisture combined in one cream

Tuesday, September 21 2021
Hydrating Cream
from Bioeffect
99 € / 50 ml

In my long experience, a lot can go wrong with moisturizers... Sometimes they leave an annoying layer on the skin, sometimes they smell unpleasant or they simply don't help at all. Now my favorite beauty label Bioeffect has a moisturizer on the market that is not only effective, but on top of that contains very few pure ingredients.

In addition to Icelandic spring water, beneficial antioxidants, vitamin E and barley seed extract, this is of course the brand's signature ingredient: the Nobel Prize-winning growth factor EGF. It is derived from Icelandic barley grown on pure volcanic pumice in environmentally friendly greenhouses. It stimulates cell renewal and the production of elastin and collagen, and delivers real results within a very short time.

As loyal readers know, I've been a fan of the brand for years. I don't even go on trips without EGF Serum, Essence and Micellar Cleansing Water. Now another product has joined the ranks with the Hydrating Cream. It is the perfect moisturizer for me: pleasantly light, fragrance-neutral and effective. In the morning I use it pure or if necessary with the day serum and in the evening in combination with the EGF serum.


Advantage of the cream: it can be applied immediately after the serums, because it contains no fat. - Usually, one should wait 10 minutes before starting to apply a cream over the serum, otherwise it will not be able to develop its full effect. - The skin feels plump and nourished from the very first application. And after a week, even after cleansing, I no longer had a feeling of tightness on the skin.

Incidentally, the cream is significantly cheaper compared to the EGF serum and is therefore perfect as an entry-level product. Who always wanted to test the brand, please this way >>.

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