Schnauzer & Beagle Melbourne-style coffee and fancy beer in what is probably Vienna's smallest brewery

Wednesday, April 27 2022

Opening Times

Wednesday: 4:00pm - 11:00pm
Thursday & Friday: 2:00pm - 11:00pm


Schnauzer & Beagle Brewery
Hasengasse 56
1100 Wien Vienna-10. Bezirk
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+43 664 9985 3823

Two dogs in the name, Australian coffee culture, homemade food and beer brewing on a nano-level: an unusual mix that you probably won't find twice. Which may surprise you at first glance, makes total sense when you get to know the two faces behind Schnauzer & Beagle:

Tina Ganser, a native Austrian with a passion for healthy cuisine and cooking, and Will Melling, who grew up in Melbourne and has been a passionate brewer since his studies. It's a hobby that can also be done in a small space and that he took up again when he moved to Vienna to live with his girlfriend, Tina.

For almost two years now, the two have been running their own restaurant in the tenth district, in a small side street between Waldmüllerpark and Matzleinsdorfer Platz - a natural enrichment in this culinary sparsely populated, quiet residential area.

The restaurant is somewhat reminiscent of the cafés in Will's native Australia: bright thanks to a large window front; modern and cosy; in the middle, a long, wood-panelled counter.

Schnauzer & Beagle I Wien (5)
Schnauzer & Beagle I Wien (11)
Schnauzer & Beagle I Wien (2)

It is open Wednesday to Friday - the rest of the time, beer is brewed. But there is a lot on offer during the three days: Starting with delicious homemade snacks and food. Tina works as a nutritionist, has been running a food blog for many years, gives cooking classes, and has published a book on vegetarian cuisine.

The speciality at Schnauzer & Beagle are the "Aussie Pies" - filled with organic meat or vegetables. There are also soups, salads and homemade cakes. Furthermore, Eggs, meat and dairy products come from organic farms. From April to November, vegetables and herbs come from the cult Viennese nursery Bach.

There is a beer recommendation for every dish: the "Loaded Dog" - a lightly hopped beer with a hint of honey - with the "Chicken, Leek & Mushroom Pie" or the "Cobble Classic" refined with coriander seeds and orange zest with the baked feta. Also on the menu: a "Summit Pale Ale" that tastes of forest and pine trees, or the smoky, malty "Glenbeeret". The advantage of his nano-brewery, says Will, is that there are no limits to creativity. Since he only brews about 140 litres per batch, he can experiment with flavours and hop varieties.

Those who want to enter the world of beer brewing themselves can also attend brewing courses at Schnauzer & Beagle. Beer & Food Pairing teaches you how to skillfully combine beer and food, and those who prefer to eat their food entirely in liquid form should take part in one of the beer tastings.

Anyone who has ever been to Australia knows that sociable guessing games are a must in every bar.  So at Schnauzer & Beagle, Talkmaster, Pub Quiz or Music Bingo is played every night. Soon, Will's unusual beers will be available on tap when the crowdfunded tap system is installed.

The only question that remains is how the two dogs got the name: The beagle belongs to Will and Tina, and the schnauzer is from Will's uncle, who supported them in founding their own pub.

Schnauzer & Beagle – Melbourne-style coffee and fancy beer in what is probably Vienna’s smallest brewery
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