Kempinski The Spa An Experience of Indulgence from 1001 Nights

Friday, August 21 2015

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Daily: 10.00 am - 9.00 pm
For hotel guests and Day Spa- visitors


Kempinski The Spa - Palais Hansen Kempinski
Schottenring 24
1010 Vienna-district 1
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+43 1 236 1000 8090

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There are some people who are said to have fears of contact with hotels in their own city. We do not belong to that group and that is the reason why my friend and I arranged to meet in the lobby of Palais Hansen Kempinski, to get into the mood for our spa pleasure. In the atrium flooded with sunlight, we enjoyed the pleasant temperature, especially as the heat in the city was almost unbearable. Originally planned as a hotel, the palais did not actually open as such. It was home to several different municipal departments instead.

Those who would like to avoid the lobby and prefer more privacy sneak to reception and ask for entry, as the door to the side wing where Kempinski The Spa is located is not set in the lobby. Open sesame! We sneaked in and gaze at the beautiful staircase. On the first floor we entered a different world everything appeared to be oriental, which pleased us especially as we used to be Istanbul residents.

We tried the new signature treatment of Kempinski The Spa, which has the sonorous name of “Rhassoul” and we were very excited to see how it would be. After we slipped into the prepared bath robes and slippers, we were led into the exclusive private spa suite. The coloured stained glass windows and the cosy atmosphere made us forget about the heat outside; it is the perfect hideaway. We stretched out on our individual day beds and got brushed from head to toe to prepare our skin for the treatment. It is also the perfect mental preparation, causing both of us to almost doze off.

The Spa Palais Hansen Kempinski Wien Entspannung
The Spa Palais Hansen Kempinski Wien Massageliege
The Spa Palais Hansen Kempinski Wien Rhassoul
The Spa Palais Hansen Kempinski Wien Sauna
The Spa Palais Hansen Kempinski Wien Empfang

Equipped with a nourishing mask for the hair and face, we were left by ourselves. The sympathetic spa ladies explained which of the three different mineral muds to apply on which parts of the body and then left discreetly. Now the ceremony from the Orient really began to feel like one, as we applied the mineral mud generously on one another. We had to laugh, as we felt like members of an indigenous tribe during traditional painting.

Afterwards, we were all covered with the mineral muds from head to toe and moved to the private steam room for even more effects. After twenty minutes, two rain showers directly located in the steam bath were turned on to rinse off the mud. We had a shower and moved back to our day beds, already feeling completely relaxed. With pleasure, we handed ourselves over to the magic hands of the spa ladies, who applied a nurturing oil on the whole body for a massage. Accompanied by a delicious fruit platter and apple tea, we sat together afterwards and had a chat.

After two and a half hours of pure happiness, we concluded that this is a very special experience of indulgence to enjoy with a good friend or your partner. Despite the hot weather, we felt refreshed and couldn’t believe that both of us were complimented for a special spark twice! How happy we were about this! What could one expect more from a wellness day than remarkable relaxation, a sense of pleasure and visible success?

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Kempinski The Spa – An Experience of Indulgence from 1001 Nights
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