Saint Charles Hideaway An Oasis of Well-being Makes You Feel Newborn

Tuesday, December 09 2014

Opening Times

Monday to Friday: 8.00 am - 6.00 pm
Saturday: 8.00 am - 12.00 pm


Saint Charles Cosmothecary
Gumpendorfer Straße 33
1060 Vienna-district 6
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+43 676 586 13 66

Angels? Fairies? Elves? Why yes, they do not only exist in fairytales, but are an integral part of the wellness program at St. Charles Hideaway. First, I step through St. Charles Cosmothecary which leads me to the St. Charles ensemble's temple of beauty. In passing, I am able to catch a glimpse of familiar natural cosmetic labels such as REN, Dr. Hauschka and Weleda. But there is a multitude of new names labelled on jars and bottles too, stacked in shelves that only allow for 100% organic ingredients. The unexceptional rule is that if it is not organic, you will not find it here.

As with everything that goes by the label St. Charles, this, too, involves a rather holistic approach. It is about beauty, on the inside and out. This means that nutritional experts are at work alongside trained cosmeticians. And one thing connects them all: their faith in a healthy lifestyle and a common passion to pass it on.

This is reflected in manifold ways, from their high-end cosmetic products to the treatments that, thanks to elements of Buddhism, energy healing, reiki or singing bowl therapies, almost reach curing levels. You can even go for an angels talk. A skin analysis makes for the extra glowing touch, free of charge, and determines the perfect products and individual treatments.

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Cosmothecary Spa Wien Saint Charles Produkte
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Cosmothecary Spa Wien Produkte

The lovely Dutch girl Nienke welcomed me with a warm smile and led me upstairs to the actual hideaway. I feel as if I've been beamed back in time with the wooden floor creaking and the ceilings hanging low, as well as the rest of the interior that does not necessarily give proof of state-of-the-art character, except for a modern day bed positioned right in the middle of the room. I quickly realized that this is not about opulent equipment but exclusively about my well-being.

And for this, Nienke takes a lot of time. Before we even get started with the "max and me" signature treatment, I am asked to choose from the high quality, vibrant body oils. And make a wish. Because elves, trademark of the "max and me" oils, ultimately make them come true. Intuitively, I go for "crystal clear beauty", which is about clarity and renewal. Nienke speaks her mantra and gets started. The oil smells beautifully of neroli, relaxing me deeper and deeper. Nienke's massage is full of dedication and I feel lighter, almost as if I was floating.

Later on, I am explained the true meaning of highly vibrant essential oils and I learn that their vibrations are set on an unusual high frequency, which then adapts our bodily vibrations and lifts them up. This is done for augmented clarity, cleanse and balance of the aura and chakras. Might this be why I feel like a newborn and full of energy?

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Saint Charles Hideaway – An Oasis of Well-being Makes You Feel Newborn
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