Saint Charles Apothecary Consistent Concepts for Well-Being

Wednesday, December 03 2014

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Monday to Friday: 8.00 am - 6.00 pm
Saturday: 8.00 am - 12.00 pm


Saint Charles Apotheke
Gumpendorfer Str. 30 A
1060 Vienna-district 6
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+43 1 586 13 63

If you ask me to describe St. Charles Apothecary, I wouldn't know where to begin. With a new master plan, Alexander Ehrmann, pharmacist of the 6th generation, has brought to life something extraordinary. All the while keeping in step with Paracelsus' view that for any malady there is an herbal cure. Beyond that, he believes the same is applicable to well-being.

Thus, it comes as no surprise that at St. Charles Alimentary, just across the street, healthy comfort foods containing countless homegrown fresh herbs and other natural ingredients are offered for lunch as a full-range culinary wellness trip. Never before have I been able to witness that sort of strong consistency within a business concept. And the ideas on which this is built are based on traditional European medicine nonetheless.

Relaxing facial and body treatments are being offered by St. Charles Hideaway, natural beauty products available at St. Charles Cosmothecary. Mental health can be reached and maintained through for example  yoga and psychotherapy offered by physicians and therapists at St. Charles Complementary. Among all these bonuses, it sometimes slips my mind that this is still just an apothecary.

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But I'm reminded every once in a while when a prescription is handed over the counter and an automated robot delivers your medicine. This new smart technology is a complete contrast to the otherwise traditional equipment in this 128-year old original. But Alexander Ehrmann decided to go for radical change and renewal when he took over in 2006.

The vintage pieces date back to 1886 and are distributed throughout the entire loft. Original tiles are reminiscent of the classic Jugendstil era, as well as an old drinking fountain. Regional wood, Upper Austrian copper oak to be exact, does not only look good but also contributes in crucial parts to a much nicer indoor climate.

Large-scale black-and-white photographs adorn the walls – a tribute to local nature and the St. Charles Refuge, a 250-year old farmstead that lies about one hour outside of Vienna and is known to host charitable events every so often. Aside from all his business activites, Alexander Ehrmann seems to be a philanthropist, too.

Once I found out that there is no star-architect behind all the design and aesthetics of the apothecary, but the man himself, I was in pure awe. He does all that while being a thoroughbred pharmacist, too. He takes time to consult with his customers showing great empathy for their concerns.

It's visible they feel like they're in good hands. All hectic business is being absorbed by essential oils and fragrances flooding the space. Big glass jars containing medicinal herbs make it clear once more that natural remedy is key. Again, it comes as no surprise that next in line behind me was a reporter for the New York Times. St. Charles has become a talking point beyond national borders, rightly so!

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Saint Charles Apothecary – Consistent Concepts for Well-Being
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