Kussmund Beauty Delicacies to fall in Love with

Tuesday, September 15 2015

Opening Times

Monday till Saturday: 10.00 am - 6.00 pm


Kussmund Beauty Experts
Habsburgergasse 14
1010 Vienna
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+43 1 535 51 95

Facial treatments and Make-up Workshops by appointment

„Smelling plays an important role in the process of falling in love. And I did, I fell in love. With the small cosmetics store that opened nearby Wiener Hofburg this spring and whose range of products is not even that small. You will find anything a modern woman's heart desires and even brands that you'll desperately search for elsewhere in the city.” These words are what drew my attention. I had to go.

My insider did not promise too much. The former antique store has a nostalgia reminiscent of the Imperial & Royal times while the delightful garbs, custom-designed by Susanne Bisovsky for Kussmund, contribute their part. And so I am glad to be given an insight into the range of over 60 brands that are mostly unknown to me as exclusivity is a high priority at Kussmund.

Labels such as Florence's “S.M. Novella” are available nowhere else in Vienna, just like US-American brand “Sunday Riley” that cleanse and detoxify gently while combining maximum concentration and effectiveness of active ingredients. That is what the store aims for: pure luxury, effective, sustainable and as natural as possible. Creation, production and ingredients are aimed to be organic, maybe even officially certified as in Austria's own “Edelweiß” or purely vegan as in “ananné” of Switzerland.

Kussmund Beauty Shop Wien Sortiment
Kussmund Parfumerie Kosmetik Wien Shop
Kussmund Parfumerie Kosmetik Wien Laden
Kussmund Parfumerie Kosmetik Wien Boutique
Kussmund Parfumerie Kosmetik Wien Shop
Kussmund Parfumerie Kosmetik Wien Körperpflege
Kussmund Parfumerie Kosmetik Wien Parfum

A private room on the upper floor is available for exclusive beauty treatments – probably the most pleasant way to be introduced to all of these products. However, the regular workshops seem just as appealing, with special regards to decorative cosmetics. Make-Up artist Nicole gives small, valuable workshops to groups of four, showing how to highlight your best features. What's so special is that each participant gets to do it herself, so you'll really know how to when going back home. A lovely gift idea!

Back to the store philosophy: apart from exclusivity and effectiveness, always tested by the personnel before going on sale by the way, fragrance and elegance are two more very important factors. As far as I was concerned, natural cosmetics and pleasant scents hardly ever go together. But Kussmund has managed to gather a selection of cosmetic jewels that actually combine these two – in the form of international as well as national products. I'm thinking of Austrian manufacturers such as max and me, Wiener Seife and “Wolfgang Lederhaas”.

Even the gentlemen are taken care of: with the series of “Ebenholz” facial care products and the overwhelming beard care by “OAK”. The range of scents available really is convincing for both, men and women. “Phaedon Paris”, for example, does not only have perfumes but scented candles as well. And how they smell! Beautiful aromas surround me during my entire visit, they tempt me, inviting me to stay. I have to move on, but I will be back soon enough!

Kussmund – Beauty Delicacies to fall in Love with
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