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Friday, July 31, 2015

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Late last year, I was introduced to max and me's heavenly body oils during a spa treatment at St. Charles Hideaway. I then visited their manufacture and went on to try some of their facial oils at home. Time has come for me to experience their new facial treatment. Unlike any classic cosmetic treatment you would expect, therapist Shinobu will commence by asking her elves for help and inducing the ceremony with seven deep 'Om'. I follow with an inner 'Om' and devote myself wholly to her.

Sensitive, yet unerring as she is, she senses my tense spots immediately and matches her treatment to my current needs. Being a trained concert pianist and musical therapist, her susceptibility for any vibrations is no surprise. As an integral part of the team at max and me, she contributes her knowledge in kinesiology, aura-surgery and fascia work to the treatments conceived and developed by aroma therapist and owner Tanja Gruber. Smilingly, she tells me that every visitor arrives with undefined tensions at first. I am no exception to that and am thankful that her method is actually a holistic healing treatment and reaches beyond the facial border. Wonderful!

Max and Me Öle Wien Serie
Max and Me Öle Treatment Wien Duft
Max and Me Öle Treatment Wien Flaschen
Max and Me Öle Treatment Wien

All this happens by using just three products. Starting with the max and me facial oil cleanser, Shinobu breaks it in. Her skillful grips activate my chakras, she massages my facial meridian, applies pressure to certain acupressure points and attentively tells me about each step beforehand. Her treatment exceeds my facial area as it goes on to clear my aura and release any bodily blockade. She then wipes of the remaining oil with one of the max and me linen facial towels, enriched with Icelandic algae, to prepare my skin for the final 'I am the light' daily oil. Throughout the treatment, I am surrounded by the comforting scent of their oils and I can literally feel the energy flowing into my body.

I do admit to having been skeptical in the beginning when Tanja handed over to me no more than those three products plus ‘enchanted’, their night oil, for my daily facial care at home. That little to replace my entire facial care series? Amazingly so! Tanja explains: “The higher the vibrations of a product, the clearer, cleaner and lighter it is. At the same time, it will be more tender, yet more intense and strong in its effectiveness.” Something that cannot only be felt, but seen immediately! I noticed it already throughout my trial period at home and even more so after my today’s 90 minute-treatment by Shinobu's healing hands. My skin feels clear and brighter than before.

Thanks to the finishing hand reflexology, completed with annotations on how we should pay more attention to our hands, my entire body feels softer now. I feel relaxed and released, yet strong and energetic. And I dare say that my spa day comes close to a fountain of youth. Thank you, Shinobu! Thank you, max and me!

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