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Saturday, October 17 2015

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I don’t like having my picture taken. Having great pictures of me is great, of course, but I don’t much enjoy the process. Being rather shy, I hate posing and I never recognize myself on those photos. I either love or hate myself on photos, there is nothing in between. I am rather complicated in that way, I’m afraid.

But then I might need a portrait, for instance. For my website or for the new portfolio. Or one of my copywriting clients wants new team photos. Or my best friend is getting married. In times like these, I feel really lucky because I know whom to call. Photographers I can trust because I know their pictures are honest and unique.

These photographers are Isabelle Rindler and Natascha Unkart aka belle & sass. Their portfolio includes portraits, holiday photos, and event documentaries. Weddings are their specialty. And I truly hope that the couples they photograph are as good a match as they are. They are so well attuned to each other and work side by side in such harmony that they don’t even need to use verbal communication.

belle and sass Hochzeit Fotografie Wald
belle and sass Hochzeit Fotografie
belle and sass Hochzeit Fotografie von Oben
belle and sass Hochzeit Fotografie schwarz weiß
belle and sass Hochzeit Fotografie Sofa
belle and sass Hochzeit Fotografie Stuhl
belle and sass Hochzeit Fotografie Schild
belle and sass Hochzeit Fotografie Wand
belle and sass Hochzeit Fotografie Tor

Isabelle explains how they work. "Each of us picks one half of the bridal couple during preparations, so they can be accompanied independently. During the ceremony we are much more inconspicuous than a single photographer because we take up two different positions from the start without having to run around or chase after the bride walking down the aisle."

Natascha and Isabelle are present without being imposing. One doesn’t feel the need to ignore them to appear "natural" because it is so pleasant having them around. They work so effortlessly that it seems like they are just casually snapping away. But every detail and every aspect of each photograph is well conceived. Each photograph tells a story and the style shines out from the crowd.

"I cannot tell you how often I have heard from couples that they experience their wedding day for the first time through our photographs since the day has raced by them so quickly," Natascha says. How convenient that belle & sass also offer beautiful wedding albums one can leaf through again and again, revelling in memories, smelling, tasting, feeling everything again...

Vintage fans will be happy to hear that belle & sass also offer analogue photography.
"We love analogue photography. For us it means coming back to the roots, to mindfulness. You really have to think about your subject because there are not 400 pictures on a card but 36 on a roll of film. Besides, film is beautiful.“

In short: If someone who values professional photography were to ask me if they should get in touch with belle & sass, then I would just say: Yes.

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