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Petit Laszlo – Delicate Jewelry Design | CREME GUIDES

Petit Laszlo Delicate Jewelry Design

Thursday, April 24 2014

In her small Swiss design studio Judit Chapallaz-Laszlo has, since the birth of her two daughters, let her creativity run wild. Judit actually began to create jewelry for them in 2012, with stylish necklaces and bracelets in intricate designs. It was not long before her creations captured many fans in Zurich and now around the world.

Judit is a superwoman. Before the birth of her children, she worked as an architect in internationally renowned studios - among others - in Tokyo at Kazuyo Sejima, where she discovered her love for minimalist design. Since then, each creation coexists with the question: How can I reveal the minimalistic essence? By being true to the motto "Less is More!".

And it is precisely this clear philosophy that is reflected in and makes her collection especially appealing: subtle bracelets, necklaces and earrings with stars and enamel "Smarties" or even tiny gold bell pendants in fashionable fluorescent colors and pastel powder shades. All have one thing in common: the "Got-to-have" factor.


You can find these trendy 'it' pieces in selected fashion and concept stores and children's boutiques. The complete collections are available online, directly with Judit, under www.petitlaszlo.com.

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