Rose Wein-Brasserie Elegant ambience meets exclusive wines

Wednesday, May 18 2022

Opening Times

Wednesday to Sunday 17.30-0


Rose Wein-Brasserie
Konradstraße 1
80801 Munich-Schwabing
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+49 89 444 691 86

Sometimes, it can take a little longer for a dream to come true. But when the result is as successful as in the case of the newly opened Rose Wein-Brasserie, the wait is well worth it. Owner Martina Baumann would have liked to have signed the lease for the gastronomic property at the heart of Schwabing as early as 2021, but someone else won the bid.

A little later it worked out and in May 2022, her Rose Wein-Brasserie finally celebrated its opening. A good dozen different sparkling wines and around 55 wines from Germany, Austria and Italy are available. In addition, there is a small menu - based on the cuisine of the three countries.

You'll find tasty dishes such as mountain cheese with bread, three kinds of cauliflower or spaghetti carbonara. Our highlights: the wonderfully tender Böfflamot, cooked for 40 hours, followed by the chocolate mousse on hazelnut-cinnamon sponge cake and marinated fruits.

For Hannes Stocker, who is in charge of purchasing the wines, quality is just as crucial as low annual production of a maximum of 100,000 bottles per year. "We only offer the products of small, family-run wineries. This way, we can guarantee our guests exclusive drops," explains Rose owner Martina Baumann.


The chic brasserie at the heart of Schwabing, not far from Elisabethmarkt, owes its name to the fact that vines are usually surrounded by rose bushes. The ambience is also inspired by the elegant flower: light wood, grey upholstered seating and a gold leaf logo above the bar counter. "We put a lot of emphasis on high-quality materials and beautiful fabrics so that every guest feels comfortable here," says Martina Baumann. This has been successful - Rose is a wine brasserie with a promising future!

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Rose Wein-Brasserie – Elegant ambience meets exclusive wines
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