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Wednesday, March 23 2016

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Maximilianstraße 2A
Doorbell Dr. Gath
80539 Munich-Altstadt
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+49 89 25 54 48 118

I didn’t really want to write my next beauty article until a little more time had passed; my Horst Kirchberger review wasn’t all too long ago. But owing to a recent coincidence- namely the wonderful label NOH NEE’s press launch- I found myself in the halls of Palais Beauté. One things was clear: I had to write about this.

Alone its location on Maximilianstraβe within the impressive Palais an der Oper implies that something luxurious awaits behind the doors of Palais Beauté. And it does: conceptualised completely according to the rules of Feng Shui with the interior architecture characterised by warm lumbers, the rooms don’t indicate that, amongst other things, dentistry and oral surgery are practised here.

Typical clinical smells, specialised praxis atmosphere? Not a trace! This is naturally owing to the fact that this isn’t an ordinary praxis, but rather a "beauty institute". Normally I find the term outdated, but in this case it fits the concept. Dentist Hans-Joachim Gath built his holistic centre of excellence based on the principle that a number of factors contribute to an attractive face- from a fresh complexion to healthy teeth for a radiant smile.

Palais Beaute München Empfang
Palais Beaute München

Since July 2015 the know-how of registered beautician Susanne Westermann has only enriched the institute. She’s also the one to greet me at my trial visit in Palais Beauté and for the next two hours leads me into a world of absolute relaxation and professional treatments. Until now I’ve only seldom experienced how an almost medical skin analysis and consultation can so harmoniously combine with a relaxing treatment.

A glance at my written answers to a few questions and my skin are enough for Westermann to reach a surprisingly accurate diagnosis- no beauty expert has ever been able to so precisely pinpoint which problems my facial skin causes day-to-day. The recommendations for treatment have me immediately convinced and the calmness radiating from the experienced beautician appeases me as well. Stepping into the treatment room, I feel like I’ve left the daily grind at the door.

Using a technologically highly developed JetPeel treatment, Westermann provides my skin with a tailor-made cocktail: similar to the TDI methods presented here recently, naturally activating essences are channelled deep into the skin via an oxygen-water mix. Despite the sizzling apparatus and chill spreading across my face, the procedure isn’t the least bit uncomfortable. On the contrary- snugly wrapped in a blanket and with unobtrusive cathartic music in the background, I am completely relaxed.

A look in the mirror after the treatment confirms that it had a visible effect. Smaller patches of redness und unevenness are gone, my complexion is fresh, my skin well moisturised. “Wait a few days until the agents have been completely deployed!” is Susanne Westermann’s prophecy and I can now say she was right: the kick of freshness does get stronger. The individually designed care set from skin care series Dermalogica, which the beautician gave me to take home, will have its regular place in my bathroom for a long time to come. It’s been quite a while since I’ve felt like I found such a well-rounded treatment.

With everything said and done I must say: the only uncomfortable part of the treatment I enjoyed in Palais Beauté was its conclusion and with it, the return to everyday life. But it wasn’t my last visit and I look forward to reporting on it again…

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