Annett Gröger — The Cosmetic Expert at Marienplatz

Thursday, March 16 2017

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Annett Gröger – Kosmetik | Beauty | Wellness
Marienplatz 8
c/o Parfümerie Brückner
80331 Munich-Altstadt
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+49 160 1540833

How many times have I walked past the Brückner perfumery's window while strolling through Marienplatz? I never knew that within the store of the "former Bavarian purveyor to the court" an incredibly fine cosmetic studio was hiding amongst the large selection of luxurious niche perfumes and care products- that is, not until an article on the nutricosmetics line beauty2eat led me there.

Cosmetic expert Annett Gröger has been working in her "cubicle" on the first floor of the perfumery since 1998. "I normally pop downstairs quickly, just to pick up my clients. That's why even long-term customers of the store are constantly 'newly discovering' me, amazed," she smiles.

And whoever does discover her is sure to pass the secret tip on to only the closest of friends. An appointment with the multiple award-winning cosmetician is hard to come by.

I understand why only too well, as I make myself at home on the inexpressibly comfortable couch for my test visit in her small institute. Despite the bustle of the pedestrian area lying only meters away, here you feel like you’ve found a wonderfully tranquil island.

Gröger Beauty München_Kosmetikstudio am Marienplatz
Gröger Beauty München_Eingang Parfümerie Brückner Marienplatz

Much of that is owing to the owner’s personality itself. Annett Gröger offers nearly 28 years of expertise in her job. She doesn’t just radiate experience, but a comfortable serenity at the same time.

She specialised in first-class facial treatments and "juggles" a diverse treatment repertoire with all of her know-how. This includes high-tech treatments as well as knowledge of traditional Shiatsu acupressure, lymphatic drainage, and endermologie.

I love that I don't have to immediately choose a specific treatment when making my appointment. "The close collaboration with Brückner perfumery means that I can spontaneously choose from a whole pallet of cosmetic labels. That's unique for such a small institution and allows for more play room," Annett Gröger explains.

Not having to decide beforehand is also part of her philosophy of always carefully analysing the actual needs of a customer's skin. I've learned the hard way that these don’t always align with those you may think you have.

I would have gone for a microdermabrasion without batting an eye. Doing away with those small imperfections that keep popping back up can’t do any harm, right?

Oh, yes it can. Annett Gröger uses a skin scan to show me that my skin is still suffering from the effects of the cold winter weather and dry indoor heating. Dryness alert! Her approach of using a nonabrasive cleaning method and and focusing on sustainable moisturising makes perfect sense to me, the way she explains it.

The lymphatic drainage is a completely new experience. Combined with a relaxing facial massage at the end, which uses Shiatsu and acupressure, the treatment doesn’t just feel like a wellness luxury, but I can really feel it "working" deep under my skin.

I leave Frau Gröger’s beauty refuge completely relaxed after the one and a half hour treatment- even though the entire time we "only" focused on my face! An experience I can definitely recommend. But like I said, be careful: the slots in her planner are coveted!

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Annett Gröger — The Cosmetic Expert at Marienplatz
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