Hauber The Organic Hair Salon in Haidhausen

Friday, April 14 2017

Opening Times

Monday: 9.00-18.00
Dienstag to Friday: 10.00-20.00
Saturday: 9.00-18.00


Hauber – The Organic Hair Salon
Innere Wiener Straße 58
81667 Munich-Haidhausen
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+49 89 448 08 08

Rainer Hauber’s projects share a strong underlying focus on natural products. We just recently reported on his new beauty and natural cosmetics store, Tobs, on the Innere Wiener Straße in Haidhausen.

His name is already well established in the neighbourhood: in his hair salon Hauber — The Organic Hair Salon he and his team have been using natural hair care products and plant-based colours long before the "green" trend. The shop has recently refreshed its look with light renovations, placing the focus even more heavily on the nature theme.

Each of the salon’s hair product lines has been carefully tested for its organic quality. In the end, Rainer Hauber’s team gives only the best labels a place on their shelves, such as the somewhat luxurious organic products of John Masters Organics from New York.

Since the renovations, the natural materials and colours of the store interior harmoniously emphasise the salon’s concept. The grey and white tones play well together, broken up by light wooden accents. The interior arrangement of The Organic Hair Salon also passes the "test of naturalness"!

Frisör Hauber The Organic Hair Salon Haidhausen-3
Frisör Hauber The Organic Hair Salon München-2
Frisör Hauber The Organic Hair Salon München-4
Frisör Hauber The Organic Hair Salon Haidhausen-2
Frisör Hauber The Organic Hair Salon München

As a new customer, I can’t really comment on whether or not salon manager Miriam Eisler’s claim that the interior is now a bit more girly holds true. To me, it just looks right: friendly, unostentatious, and somehow authentic.

Just like the staff at The Organic Hair Salon. Miriam makes it very easy for me to forget day to day life— and at the very least the deluxe head massage, including a comfortably aromatic plant-based hair treatment, heralds a relaxing start to the weekend.

For a Friday, everything is similarly calm at the hair dressing stations. The Organic Hair Salon’s fifteen hair experts seem to have everything perfectly under control.

Even the young woman in a sundress who spontaneously stops by with a whole host of requests for an upcoming wedding doesn’t rattle anyone. One short decision later she walks out with several appointments in hand and the perfect stylist ready to take care of her on her special day.

But back to my own cut: it should be short, and the top layer of hair is begging to be thinned. Miriam immediately knows what to do and hits the nail on the head with her consultation: short fringe- and she means really short- but feminine with soft contours. It sounds wonderful, and I’m happy to go with it.

An hour later I step onto the street with this exact summer cut. It’s Friday afternoon, the sun is shining, and I can feel the new lightness on my head in my mood: ready for the weekend!

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Hauber – The Organic Hair Salon in Haidhausen
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