Horst Kirchberger Exclusive Cosmetic Treatments by a Pro

Monday, February 22 2016

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Monday to Friday: 9.30 am - 6.00 pm
Saturday: 9.30 am - 4.00 pm


Horst Kirchberger – Make-Up-Studio GmbH
Brienner Straße 11
80333 Munich
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+49 (0)89 22 37 84

Horst Kirchberger is one of the most in-demand makeup artists in the German fashion and film industries. He’s brought innumerable cover beauties into the right light; when he pulls out his make up brushes and powder cases, international top models the likes of Linda Evangelista, Claudia Schiffer, and Naomi Campbell don’t need to ask twice. In his München beauty lounge on Brienner Str. he’s opened the doors not just for celebrities, but also for "normal" women who want to enjoy the luxury of a special treatment or unusual make up look.

Just a short time ago I got to try out this privilege for myself – on a Creme Guides beauty mission, so to say. I must say that I’m usually quite finicky when it comes to these kinds of tests. Naturally such a treatment comes with the promise of a little wellness moment in the midst of everyday life. On the other hand, it also usually means allowing a complete stranger to invade your personal space. That requires a good deal of trust!

Horst Kirchberger Kosmetik Make up Studio München
Horst Kirchberger Kosmetik Make up Studio München Puder
Horst Kirchberger, Visagist

Thanks to Horst Kirchberger’s reputation and beauty team, this trust came fairly easily. And I really did have a good feeling right from the start of my visit to their München cosmetic studio. The extremely friendly greeting and individual consultation before the treatment had a lot to do with that.

First the special needs of my skin were carefully considered, then the individual course of treatment determined. Alongside a fruit acid peeling, facial cleansing, and facial massage: a TDA treatment. I must admit that I’d never before heard about this ‘wonder method’ and upon hearing that it’s "essentially the natural primary stage of an injection" winced in shock. I did not sign up for that…

But within seconds came reassurances from the cosmetic experts overseeing me : TDA stands for transdermal application and is a brand new method for an intense, deep skin treatment. Completely without needles, rather with air pressure. The active ingredients, including hyaluronic acid, are combined with pure oxygen and applied to the skin using an applicator at supersonic speed. The goal is to open the outermost skin barrier, penetrate deeper layers, and lay down depots, which promote cell division and essentially work like a long-term refurbishment.

The method promises hot results in the area of anti-ageing and problem skin treatment, but is also well suited for a lovely regeneration treatment. It’s true: after my test treatment I actually felt as if my skin had refilled all of its moisture reservoirs. Dryness and tension creases? Gone, at least for now!

Just as exclusive as the cosmetic treatments you can enjoy as a customer (guys are welcome too- there are special men’s treatments!) on the first floor of Horst Kirchberger’s 500m2 beauty emporium are the products available in the perfumery on the ground floor.

The shop in the back part of the Luitpoldblock may seem invisibly small at first. What is not at all invisible are the crucibles and flacons standing on the shelves: without exception, lordly and correspondingly high-priced mixtures of renowned cosmetic labels, including Horst Kirchberger’s own makeup line.

Just as carefully selected as the care products are the niche aromas found here- nothing like what you’ll see at any old perfumery chain! I’d recommend a visit if only to sniff at some of these exotic rarities!

Horst Kirchberger – Exclusive Cosmetic Treatments by a Pro
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