Bonjour Munich — French breakfast and lunch, delivered!

Monday, November 14 2016

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Delivery times:
Monday till Friday 7.30-14.30
Saturday and Sunday catering only (on request)


Bonjour Munich
Fendstraße 5
80802 Munich-Schwabing
.How to get there


+49 176 368 208 74

What’s the best way to start the day? For me, it has to be a full breakfast spread, complete with fresh pastries and croissants- but the trek to the bakery doesn’t exactly make for an idyllic morning. Luckily there’s another way, at least in Munich: the French delivery service Bonjour Munich will bring breakfast right to your door, from Monday to Friday.

A craving for a taste of France gave founder Alexis de Béchade his culinary idea. He searched Munich in vain for French white bread and croissants that were as good as in his hometown, Paris.

In 2015 he took matters into his own hands, and has since been delivering croissants, raisin pastries, baguettes, and more French bakery favourites, freshly made according to authentic recipes.

And boy, can I attest to that! The croissants and pain au chocolat are fresh from the oven when they arrive at my doorstep, their glorious aroma adding the perfect morning touch. The delicately crispy pastry is in no way inferior to my favourite baker’s croissants.

Bonjour Munich Lieferservice für fanzösisches Frühstück
Bonjour Munich Aufschnittplatte französisches Frühstück
Bonjour Munich französisches Frühstück für Zuhause
Bonjour Munich Tartes und Quiches in München
Bonjour Munich Französisches Catering München

With it comes bircher muesli with red fruits, a cold cuts and cheese platter, fine macarons, freshly squeezed orange juice, butter, jam, and the best baguette in town! Everything a heart could desire for breakfast.

What makes Bonjour Munich so special isn’t just the original French style of baking or early delivery slots from 7:30 a.m., but the quality and freshness of the products. “We don’t prepare any food until it’s ordered. Everything is put together à la minute and then immediately delivered,” Alexis explains.

His two cooks can do more than just breakfast; lunch and finger foods are also part of their repertoire. Alexis and his team also provide for a growing number of companies’ events, meetings, and lunches.

Authentic French cuisine at the office? At Bonjour Munich that includes various kinds of fresh quiches, sandwiches and spreads, pastries, cakes, fruit salads, and small delicacies in glass dishes. That’s catering à la française.

Individual requests such as gluten-free pastries and special menus for vegans and vegetarians are also available. His cooks are masters of French cuisine- there’s nothing they can’t do.

You may be able to meet the Bonjour Munich team in their own cafe and bistro soon- that’s their vision for the future, at least. The breakfast and lunch delivery service will definitely stick around though. Which will be lucky for me, when the next lazy morning rolls around.

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Bonjour Munich — French breakfast and lunch, delivered!
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