Amea Extravagant pizzas in Neuhausen

Wednesday, April 13 2022

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Monday to Saturday: 5:00pm - midnight


Blutenburgstr. 112
80636 Munich-Neuhausen
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Margherita, Funghi, Prosciutto: the typical pizzas of Italian cuisine are probably familiar to everyone. They sometimes taste more, sometimes less delicate because, as with every dish, it depends on how it is made and on the ingredients. A fluffy dough, neither too crispy nor too soggy at the edges, is just as important as the toppings.

The fact that both can be created surprisingly differently (and no less deliciously) is proven by the young restaurateur Hannes Gerdes-Röben with his Amea restaurant, which opened in early 2022. The name of the restaurant in Neuhausen comes from Latin and means beloved. How fitting, since it is a pleasure at first bite when you take a bite of one of the Speziali pizzas. Crispy, juicy, soft, familiar and yet different.

The highlight is the dough. It rests for at least four days and has a lower yeast content than usual. Whether the exclusive truffle version, the model with mortadella, rocket, burrata and pistachio cream, or the "Polpo" (fior di latte, spinach, grilled octopus) - almost all Speziali pizzas are adorned with an aromatic homemade cream of garlic and ricotta. Incidentally, the dough talent at Amea is Andrea Falcone, a chef from Venice. 

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His most extravagant creation is probably the bomba. A folded pizza, filled like a sandwich in two versions: one with pastrami meat, tomatoes and sweet and sour onions on mustard mayo and one in veggie (avocado, tomatoes, cucumber, rocket, buffalo mozzarella, parmesan flakes, lemon, honey mayo).

Well-known classics like Margherita and Prosciutto are also on the menu at Amea, but you should definitely try a speciali or bomba. It's best to come in pairs, so there's still room for a homemade tiramisu or the unbelievably good pistachio tartufo ice cream. In sustaining the image of the mistress: the décor with black velvet chairs, red walls and a sweeping gold mirror. It looks exciting, sensual and at the same time a little forbidden. 

And to ensure that Amea lives up to its reputation as a unique Italian restaurant, owner Hannes Gerdes-Röben always provides new, temporary specials. For example, the motto for Thursday is "Thirsty Thursday", and every order comes with a shot on the house. Creative artists from Munich are also called upon to decorate the still white-painted corridor leading to the restaurant's toilets. In addition, Amea regularly turns into a casual bar after 10 pm, when the kitchen closes. Salute!

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