Klub Kitchen The lunch concept from Berlin

Wednesday, September 20 2023

Opening Times

Monday to Saturday 12-19


The Klub Kitchen Hamburg
Großer Burstah 29
20457 Hamburg-Inner City
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+49 40 34859042

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In Berlin, Klub Kitchen has long since established itself with three branches for tasty, healthy and creative food as well as homemade, alcohol-free and refreshing drinks. Now, the first Klub Kitchen has opened in Hamburg City. More precisely, in the Grosse Burstah, between the town hall and Rödingsmarkt.

In addition to the simple but refined dishes, Klub Kitchen scores points above all for its attentive service and the impressive speed with which orders are processed here. There are no long waiting times.

The décor is as clear and straightforward as the concept. Pastel, earthy tones on the walls, light wooden floorboards, small bistro tables and chairs. In the centre is the large mirrored counter above which luminous neon letters tell us that we are in the Klub Kitchen.

We have chosen early lunchtime for our visit. At 11.45 a.m., the club is still relatively quiet. Not many guests have gathered in the restaurant yet. Only 15 minutes later, things look entirely different. Almost all the seats inside and outside are taken.

Klub Kitchen Hamburg-12
Klub Kitchen Hamburg-20
Klub Kitchen Hamburg-13

With 80 seats inside and about 30 in front of the doors, it's quite a demanding logistical challenge, but the team masters it in a relaxed and impressive manner. Many guests have come from the surrounding offices and want to have their food served as soon as possible. The concept of the shop is perfectly adapted to this.

In the Klub Kitchen, you take a seat wherever a table is free. Take-away is a matter of course. You order and pay directly on the Klub Kitchen website. Here, you can choose between vegan, vegetarian and fish, meat or poultry dishes. We decide on the silk aubergine and the green aubergine ragu.

No sooner has our order been sent and paid for than the staff hovers over with the food. The menu is small and crisp, the drinks list is pleasantly manageable. The cuisine is a successful fusion of Vietnamese, Levantine and Mediterranean elements. Popular dishes include pasta with truffle pesto, ginger-pulled chicken, hummus bowl, Caesar salad and glass noodles with sweet potatoes and tofu.

Our silk aubergine comes with green rice with dukkah, hummus, spinach, fresh herbs, chilli, almonds and pomegranate seeds. The dukkah, aka Arabic spice mix of nuts, seeds, herbs and spices, adds a special touch to the dish. The aubergine is cooked to perfection, and the green rice is nice and firm to the bite. Yummy. With the aubergine ragu with udon, spinach, chilli, herbs and sesame seeds, we ordered salmon as an extra and are delighted with the quality and value for money.

Another plus: the food in the Klub Kitchen comes in such a way that you have energy after eating it instead of sinking into a calorie coma. This makes for a lively start to the rest of the day. Those who still want dessert can feast on chocolate brownies or enjoy a cup of tea or coffee.

We would like to congratulate the people of Hamburg on the opening of Klub Kitchen and thank Trang Hong-Mumme, who runs the kitchen together with her mother and sister.

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Klub Kitchen – The lunch concept from Berlin
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