Marsbar The Current Place to be

Thursday, March 08 2018

Opening Times

Monday till Saturday 9.00-24.00


Straßenbahnring 2
20251 Hamburg-Eppendorf
.How to get there


+49 404 600 995 0

If you search for Marsbar on the internet, you will find dozens of pictures of Sylvie Meis and co. casually sitting at the bar, on the deck or while eating an illustrious lunch. The Hamburg VIPs know what is good. Marsbar has been a real magnet in the Falkenried-Bezirk for 13 years.

Nowadays, guests enjoy seasonal dishes and finely selected wines in landmarked gatehouses where electric trams were built until 1978. On the inside, close-packed tables in front of the large window facade provide comfort. Or a conversation or two with your neighbour. Outside, 80 seats on the terrace guarantee a perfect summer complexion.

Regarding food, we particularly recommend the bountiful, fresh and always delicious pasta dishes. The caesar salad ist already notorious and if the Viennese Schnitzel is on the rotating menu, you should reserve a table to be on the safe side since the seats by the charming red-brick clock towers at Marsbar are justifiably much sought-after.

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Marsbar – The Current Place to be
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