Klinkerbar Vino, vegetarian & vinyl

Wednesday, September 13 2023

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Wednesday to Friday: from 6:00pm


Eppendorfer Weg 58
20259 Hamburg-Eppendorf
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At Klinkerbar, the art of hospitality and enjoyment is celebrated informally. Open cuisine, the best wines, delicious vegetarian dishes, informal togetherness and a space that exudes friendly magic. A place of contemplation in the heart of Eimsbüttel. A wine bar without static rules and with the necessary pinch of rock 'n' roll.

Like the Klinker in Schlankreye, the Klinkerbar in Eppendorfer Weg offers hospitality with delicious food and selected wines. Even the first contact with the atmosphere in the room has an effect. Golden birds hover around us on dark blue walls. The dark wood furniture is simple and elegant. Flowers and candlelight glow on the tables. A mixture of soul classics, contemporary tracks, and a pinch of jazz resonates from the speakers.

The large open kitchen, where no counter separates the guests from the makers, conveys the Klinkerbar message quite clearly. Let's meet here and now, get into conversation and enjoy the evening with food and drink. The friendly and attentive service makes it even easier to fully engage with this offer. The wine bar's outdoor area beckons with a spacious terrace and bright blue benches and tables.

Kliner Bar Hamburg © Tom Quandt
Kliner Bar Graupenrisotto © Sophia Schillik
Kliner Bar Terrasse © Sophia Schillik
Kliner Bar Hamburg 1 ©Sophia Schillik
Kliner Bar Interieur © Tom Quandt

As summer slowly turns into the home stretch, the Klinkerbar team has already been working through the planning for the autumn and winter months. Unlike last year, when the "Carte Blanche" concept offered a course menu accompanied by wine, the motto for the cooler months of 2023 is "The Economy".

In familiar surroundings, Klinkerbar visitors will then be offered a new, light-footed and particularly accessible concept. According to the motto: Get off the sofa and get to the big table, which will replace the bistro tables in the restaurant. The wine bar will be a place to meet over good food and wine. Guests can simply drop by, sit down at the big table and spend the evening with friends and/or friendly strangers. The musical background for the evenings is provided by warm, swinging waves straight from vinyl. Curated and laid on by trusted record players.

We are lovingly accompanied through the evening by sommelier Marc Michels and chef Lion Klotsch during our visit to the bar. With a perfectly spiced risotto and a vegetarian kebab with lots of fresh herbs, celery and delicate, crisp spiciness, we enjoy wines like the Harmonie Frizzi Pop 2020. The taste of small red fruits, especially wild strawberries and wildflowers with mineral aromas, goes perfectly with the food. As does the Romanesca 2018 Beaujolais, which smells of cherries, barberries, raspberries, blackberries fresh from the bush and cinnamon and vanilla.

The Klinkerbar offers excellent wines, rarities and tasty newcomers on its menu. The growing regions range from the Palatinate, Rheinhessen and Baden to Austria, South Tyrol and the remotest places in Slovenia and the Czech Republic. Wines from luminaries in biodynamic viticulture such as Sven Leiner from the Palatinate, Georg Schmelzer from Lake Neusiedl, Jörg Bretz from Höeflein, or Zsolt Sütò, who stands for superlatives in Slovakia with his Strekov winery, are on offer.

So, get off the couch at home and head for the Klinkerbar! Because togetherness is contemporary and sexy.

By the way, it's worth following the bar's activities on Instagram; there's always something going on at Klinker.

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