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Restaurant Klinker Sustainability and the help of the universe

Tuesday, September 20 2022

Opening Times

Monday to Friday: 6:00pm - midnight


Restaurant Klinker
Schlankreye 73
20144 Hamburg-Harvestehude
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+49 40 3570 1435

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The story of Klinker begins with three young restaurateurs/chefs who take their love of cooking to the world through catering and pop-ups. In the beginning, the dishes were prepared in their parents' kitchens. After a private party, a host was so taken with the passion and quality he was offered that he decided to support a dream project of Marianus von Hörsten and Aaron Hasenpusch. On the very same day, the two find a suitable location thanks to a tip from a friend in the restaurant business (and at least partly with the help of the universe). It is extensively renovated to meet the aesthetic and professional demands of the two and, from then on, becomes a fixed star in Hamburg's gastronomic scene.

The result can be admired at Schlankreye 73. And the Klinker is not only an enrichment for Hamburg's gastronomy. The operators, Marianus and Aaron, stand for simple, accessible bistro cuisine in the best sense of the word, which makes taste-loving hearts beat faster. The basis for this cuisine is uncompromisingly selected regional, seasonal and high-quality products, from which rich, tannic delicacies are created in Klinker's open kitchen. The dishes of the Klinker are flanked by a bold and exciting wine accompaniment. So far, the expressive wines have remained out of the mainstream and are a perfect match for the dishes on offer. During your visit, you can trustingly place yourself in the care of the sommeliers and let yourself be inspired.

Klinker Zucchini
Klinker Zitronentarte
Klinker Pass
Klinker Sommer
Klinker Spaß im Klinker

The Klinker team comprises young restaurateurs who identify with the shop and its philosophy. In the three years of its existence, a team has grown enthusiastic about its tasks. No wonder, then, that in addition to advice and cuisine, the service is fast, discreet and relaxed. It is a relaxed liveliness that is lived out in the Klinker. Even when the restaurant is full, there is no stress. It feels like being a guest of friends. Friends who love good food and good wine.

Let's take a step back to the important basics of Marianus and Aaron. Sustainability is the programme. For example, fish dishes are not served, as the state of our fish stocks does not allow us to serve fish anymore. On the subject of meat: of 20 dishes in the Klinker, 16 are meatless.

The products are selected according to strict criteria. Organic, if possible in Demeter quality, regional and seasonal. Marianus and Aaron use various channels to communicate their attitude toward sustainability to the public. With the Green Garage series currently in production, Marianus is making consumers aware of how much creative freedom they actually have. Our decisions count. The series is about the consumption of beef, fashion and climate-positive economic sectors that do not automatically have to be contrary to economic friendliness.

Of course, social aspects are also part of the concept for the such awake guest bourgeois. For people in training, there is a table ready every evening where only half the price has to be paid. Marianus and Aaron are particularly pleased that this offer is being taken up more and more often by young chefs. They want to invite people to break new ground with guests, colleagues, producers, manufacturers and employees. They are concerned with the ecological, sociological and economic added value of food. For them, culinary is one dimension among many and not more important than other aspects. The two have worked at Tim Raue in Berlin, among other places.

During our visit, we feasted on crunchy bean salad & goat feta, tomatoes pickled in lovage oil and sea buckthorn with burrata with homemade brioche and finally carrots, dehydrated and then pickled in a broth, served with papadam, nectarines & coriander. The dishes are all nourishing and delicious. Tomatoes are so aromatic you can hardly believe it. The wines are full of character and refreshing. The plates invite you to share, and the décor is in friendly, warming browns and greens to linger. At the bar, you can have a drink either for a visit to the neighbouring Holi cinema or simply to celebrate the day.  Non-alcoholic cocktails and an organic beer from the Wendland round off the drinks on offer. We felt at home in the Klinker and very well catered for, even though it was our first visit.  We are fans from now on and look forward to the next culinary excursion to Hoheluft.

Finally, we would like to invite you, dear readers, to take a look at Aaron and Marianas' various projects. Anyone interested in good, simple and sustainable living will find what they are looking for there.

Restaurant Klinker – Sustainability and the help of the universe
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