Heimatjuwel Star cuisine meets love of home

Wednesday, September 28 2022

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Tuesday to Thursday: 6:00pm - 11:00pm

Friday & Saturday: 5:30pm - 11:00pm


Stellinger Weg 47
20255 Hamburg-Eimsbüttel
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+49 40 421 069 89

On one of the first warm early summer evenings, I make my way to Marcel Görke's restaurant Heimatjuwel in Stellinger Weg. All of Eimsbüttel is sitting outside, and the restaurants in and around Osterstraße have set up extra tables. Every centimetre is used to savour even the very last ray of sunshine.

In front of Heimatjuwel, too, wooden tables and chairs invite you to enjoy the evening in the fresh air. Although the sun has already disappeared behind the rows of houses, we brave the slowly cooling breeze with Hanseatic onion clothing and taste a sparkling Doppelbock from the Palatinate from the Hörner winery as an aperitif.

To accompany it, the highly attentive service hands us home-baked bread, rusticly packaged in a small bag, with whipped hay butter, whose creamy, delicate consistency causes the first sighs of delight.                            

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As an amuse-gueule from the kitchen, Marcel Görke himself serves us miniature potatoes with liver sausage from Bentheim pigs and pickled pearl onions. So tiny the sip, so intensely great the spicy explosion on the tongue. Now, at the latest, we are in the mood for more.

The 5-course surprise menu with wine accompaniment awaits us. We start with a Riesling from the Philipp Kuhn winery, also from the Palatinate. The light, fruity white wine is perfect for this summery evening - and for the starter.

Heimatjuwel serves regional dishes, sometimes accompanied by something unusual. And so there is a slice of calf's head on the plate, lovingly decorated with lots of greenery. It's a bit of an effort at first, but the combination with fresh salad and delicate seasoning makes this first course a well-rounded affair.

We have hardly emptied our wine glasses when the cool Silvaner from the Brennfleck winery in Franconia is ready. "Fish must swim," the waiter explains with a wink. The Müritz char comes accompanied by green and white asparagus and a nut butter emulsion. Delicious!

With the third glass of wine, a Pinot Blanc Chardonnay from the Knipser winery - we are back in the Palatinate - we lose track a little of where we are on the menu. But that's no problem at all because the service has everything wonderfully under control.

We stay with the fish for now, this time, it's a fillet of turbot with marinated beetroot and miso. Again, we indulge; yes, we swim on the wave of pleasure. Each course promises surprises and gives the familiar a pleasant new twist without imposing itself or overwhelming the taste buds. Star cuisine meets the love of home: an excellent combination.

Having arrived at the fourth course, we move on to the red wine: a dry Lemberger from the Hirth winery in Baden Württemberg. A real highlight! The delicious red wine is joined by tender Müritz lamb with parsley root and wild garlic puree, finely seasoned with salt lemon. Again and again, we pause for a moment of silence: This great menu simply deserves our unreserved attention.

Finally, we are served variations of rhubarb and white chocolate with a hint of caramel, accompanied by a sweet wine from the house of Philipp Kuhn. It has no heaviness but runs down our throats easily and lays itself comfortingly on all the delicacies we have been able to enjoy this evening.

We are already about to sit back happily and store the remembrance of this menu firmly in our culinary memory when a little farewell greeting floats in from the kitchen: curd mousse with nut butter crumble and quince guglhupf in miniature. We are full, but of course, we still have a place accessible for this last temptation.

But that's really all we can do now. So we make our way home, inspired by the wine and the culinary delights. An utterly magical evening! You could say a jewel.

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