Poletto Winebar Only the Best of Italy’s Cuisine

Monday, November 18 2013

Opening Times

daily 12.00-24.00
Sunday 11.30-23.00


Poletto Winebar
Eppendorfer Weg 287
20251 Hamburg-Eppendorf
.How to get there


+49 40 38 64 47 00

price level

also in: Wellingsbüttler Weg 119

If you roam Poletto Winebar’s reviews online, you won’t know what to expect. Being a guest from Berlin and having read everything, from devastating to praise, I was very sceptical when my friend invited me last night. Spoiler alert: there was no reason for doubt or complaint throughout the entire evening.

The staff was friendly and considerate from beginning to end. The wine was acid free and fresh, just like we’d ordered, the food was so good we were close to devouring the plates just to get to the last bit of sauce.

With a view over the Eppendorfer Baum we got a place right by the window, a bit cut off from the busier back part of the restaurant. Along with the wine came a tiny bowl of juicy olives and a basket of home-baked grissini as soon as we had taken a seat.

Another integral part of their menu, apart from several pizza and pasta dishes and a hand full of regional classics, is their range of charcuterie and local cheeses from Austria. You really couldn’t wish for better nibbles to accompany Poletto’s delicious wines.

As entrées we chose ‘Braised Veal Cheeks on Pumpkin Mash and Salad’ and ‘Norwegian Premium Salmon on Lamb’s Lettuce’. Everything was cooked to the point and the salads were perfected with pure and tasty olive oil. I was truly impeccable! To sum it up: the food at Poletto’s is what you’ve probably always wished for in Italian cuisine. Simple dishes made from fresh, high quality ingredients. And all that in a fuss-free, comfortable environment without your usual Italian kitsch. It’s a sure thing!


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Poletto Winebar – Only the Best of Italy’s Cuisine
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