Heimat Restaurant Refined home cooking with the best wines

Wednesday, October 05 2022

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Monday to Friday 12-0
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Überseeallee 5
20457 Hamburg-Hafencity
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+49 (0)40-257777840

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Eating like at home - only better - is what Locals and tourists can do at the Heimat Restaurant in the Hafencity. The restaurant, which belongs to 25Hours, is one of the best hotel restaurants in Germany and was recently awarded for its wine list. On the table are favourite dishes from Germany, Austria and Switzerland - from the Baltic Sea to the Alps. Heimat is a homage to the cuisine of the German-speaking countries. Sailors and those who have travelled far and wide will feel at home here, but all Hamburgers will also get their money's worth.

In keeping with the location near the harbour, the stylish site is reminiscent of a ship's bow. Tables and walls are painted black, steering wheels hang from the ceiling, and large wine barrels are stored below. Behind the bar are large, illuminated glass containers. I wonder what's in there? We ask and learn that the glasses contain soil from the vineyards of the wines on offer. Those who like can examine or smell the respective grounds, such as loess, lime or slate, matching the selected wine. The theme of wine plays a central role in Heimat - both in the design and gastronomy. 120 wines from small wineries, mainly from Germany, are on the menu.

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The menu is changed seasonally and focuses on regionality. The centrepiece of the culinary concept is a three-course menu: the centrepiece. Starters are first, and then the main course is served and shared - just like at home. In the end, there is something sweet. Additionally to all kinds of other dishes, there is always a menu from a specific region. This season it's Baden's turn. Chef Kolin Krüger-Heyden and his team cook an excerpt from this wine region's regional and seasonal specialities on this menu: Flädlesuppe as a starter, an onion roasted veal saddle as a main course and burnt chocolate cream as a dessert.

Before the meal, we let it sparkle with a Crémant from the Jülg winery. The grape varieties Chardonnay and Pinot Blanc, used in this sparkling wine, grow on sandy gravel soil in the Palatinate. Fortunately, we don't taste that, but instead, the fruity, juicy sweetness with gooseberry and apple aromas.

Our table is richly set: in addition to the Baden menu, we taste our way through the a la carte offer. The words "Home cooking" often conjure up images of crude cuisine - the food we eat this evening is anything but. Instead, the dishes are very refined, subtle and interestingly combined. For example, my starter, an onion tart with goat's cheese, is accompanied by blackberries on the plate, which gives the whole thing an extended flavour dimension and fits together wonderfully.

The main course, bread dumplings with summer truffles, reminds me of my last Austrian holiday. The taste of the salty bread crumbs and the earthy truffle notes, together with the spicy oyster mushrooms, are the epitome of hearty food and incredibly delicious. We drink a powerful Pinot Gris from Weingut Stefan Meyer in the Palatinate with it. For dessert, an apricot cake comes in the company of an apricot sorbet and a caramel sauce - delicious! Finally, our waiter serves us another insider tip for the liquid finale: a "Fränzchen" French roll liqueur from Drilling. And here, at the latest, Hamburg citizens like me get the feeling of being at home ...

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Heimat Restaurant – Refined home cooking with the best wines
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