Gutsküche Wulksfelde A piece of an ideal world at the gates of the city

Wednesday, June 21 2023

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Tuesday to Sunday: noon - 10:00pm


Gutsküche Wulksfelde
Wulksfelder Damm 15-17
22889 Tangstedt
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+49 40 644 194 41

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80 years ago, a long-term study was launched by Harvard University. The aim of the study was to find out what makes people happy. The result of this extensive study gives clear indications of what makes people happy and allows them to grow old contentedly.

In the first place are trusting, stable relationships. In addition to other decisive factors, taking care of one's own mental and physical health ranks first. A healthy diet is an inseparable part of this care for body and mind. A diet based on natural, fresh, substantial and tasty food.

This is where people like Matthias and Rebecca Gfrörer, initiators, operators and drivers of the Gutsküche Wulksfelde, come into play. Matthias Gfrörer cooks with organic products delivered directly from the fields, the meadows, the bakery and the stables of the Wulksfelde Estate.

The Wulksfelde Estate is located just outside Hamburg and is a small, green paradise. The Wulksfelders have been practising organic farming for more than 30 years. The farm includes a bakery, a slaughterhouse, fields, greenhouses where herbs grow, the estate kitchen and a deli.

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The animals on the estate live a stress-free life in a group and are provided with good feed from the farm. Chickens and cattle roam freely in large meadows. Some specimens can be found alongside donkeys, goats and rabbits in the farm's own petting zoo.

Rebecca and Matthias Gfrörer's cuisine and philosophy thrive in this lively atmosphere. And so the Gutsküche Wulksfelde, which has now been in operation for 14 years, has developed into a must-have-been there when it comes to substantial, sustainable, delicious organic cuisine.

Rebecca and Matthias Gfrörer know a thing or two about taste and pleasure. For years they cooked in star kitchens around the world. At some point, however, they had enough of that. According to Matthias, the wanderlust and the departure into the wide world were followed by homesickness and the longing for a place that is home. This home is now Wulksfelde. An estate that surrounds the two of them and their team and from whose rich biological treasure they draw every day anew.

Organic products that are seasonal and tasty to the point. They simply taste best this way and can also provide the gourmet with the necessary ingredients.

Since ripeness, taste and therefore enjoyment are the top priorities for Matthias Gfrörer, he sometimes uses products that do not come directly from the Wulksfelde farm. Some of the products used in the kitchen are not regional or seasonal. No passion fruits are growing on the bushes in northern Germany. Fair enough.

Also noteworthy: the menu with its focus on vegetarian dishes. Fish, meat and poultry are the extras that can be ordered in addition to the main course. A subtle hint to support guests in the conscious consumption of animal products.

In addition to the substantial delights, the Gutsküche offers a well-stocked wine list, exclusively with organic wines. There are enough items on it to provide every guest with the right wine.

At the table: We take a seat in the spacious dining room. The décor is simple and straightforward. The open, large, beautifully furnished kitchen is the centrepiece. There is a lot of wood, the tables have no tablecloths, and the cards are wrapped in leather.

The large windows offer a view of trees, the brick estate buildings and the surrounding meadows and fields. In front of the door is the spacious terrace, where you can make yourself comfortable on warm days. We start the evening with a cool gin and tonic. The home-distilled gin, refined with lemon verbena, refreshes and perks you up. A good start.

For the first course, we enjoy a fresh salad of olives, cucumber, tomatoes and rocket. A salad can taste this crisp and delicious. We are ad hoc Gutsküchen fans. A loaf of warm, homemade bread and a pot of herb sauce made from egg, mustard and lots of fresh parsley.

In the next round, marinated and sautéed asparagus is served. Accompanied by a creamy hollandaise sauce, baked triplets and a herb salad. The asparagus is finely chopped and tender, the potatoes full-bodied and with a slightly crispy skin. The dish, rounded off with fresh herbs, tastes excellent and satisfies you.

The following course consists of hand-scooped buffalo mozzarella, rhubarb and onion salsa, some sliced mustard and young salted almonds. It again does everything right in terms of flavourful richness. To have simple dishes, cleverly prepared, taste so good.... unbeatable.

The glazed strawberries "Romanoff" with sour cream ice cream and fresh mint leaves round off the evening. The strawberries are fresh from the field, juicy and full of flavour. The ice cream melts delicately, and the refreshment is perfect when I am served a glass of sparkling champagne to go with it.

Living like God in Hamburg. The Lanson Green Label champagne convinces with mineral and ripe fruit aromas. Of course, the noble drink was produced by organic winegrowers.

As a bedtime snack, an espresso made from Elbgold coffee and a home-distilled Wulksfelder rye brandy. And so ends this beautiful, delicious summer evening in the Gutsküche. Tasteful all around.

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Gutsküche Wulksfelde – A piece of an ideal world at the gates of the city
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