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Thursday, July 28 2016

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Monday till Saturday


Ono by Steffen Henssler
Lehmweg 17
20251 Hamburg-Eppendorf
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+49 40 8817 1842

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Glazed on two sides and flooded with light, the elongated premises of this restaurant evoke images of a gigantic aquarium and offer a perfect scene for sushi, fish & company. The view of a summer evening sky alone is worth a visit. Guests of any age are seated at the tables surrounding us and well-taken care of by the cheerful staff.

Considering the wide range of the menu that contains anything from mouth-watering sushi creations, Asian interpretations of 'Surf'N'Turf' and Tandoori Chicken to Entrecôte, I was relieved about our opting for a surprise menu. After the 'Ono Saketini' aperitif with ginger, vodka, sake and yuzu, our journey through the Ono cuisine began...

We started off with hamachi sashimi served with sudachi-ponzu – whatever this is, it was utterly delicious – as well as onion salsa and black garlic. Our eyes were wide open. An incredulous fascination had overcome us, and that is the point where I will warn you about a storm of praise because this dinner was about to be one of the best I've ever had.

Ono Steffen Henssler Sushi Hamburg Garnelen
Ono Sushi Restaurant Henssler Hamburg Sushi
Ono Steffen Henssler Sushi Hamburg Speise
Ono Steffen Henssler Sushi Hamburg Dessert
Ono Sushi Restaurant Henssler Hamburg Interieur
Ono Sushi Restaurant Henssler Hamburg Küche
Ono Sushi Restaurant Henssler Hamburg Einrichtung

Following the fish, we were served a beef sashimi on radish, enoki mushrooms and Dai Dai – an Asian citrus fruit – alongside dabs of delicate nut butter that complements the meal perfectly. And the roasted garlic was fantastic! Succeedingly, we got 'Three Variations of Tuna' in form of tartar, nigiri and a 'Japanese Garden'. Served with a hint of truffel and a sweet-and-sour sauce. Wow!

'Scallop Popcorn and White Leg Prawn' ensued. Every course seemed to trump its precursor and despite our state of near-saturation, we were nowhere near curbing our enthusiasm about what was to come. Up next was a fresh kick with 'Sake and Sorbet', which was served in plain little wooden sake cups but tasted all the more exciting.

The following 'Black Cod in Magnolia Leaves' brought back memories of dinner at Nobu in London, and is in no way second to this mental image. There was no way we weren't going to try some of the sushi creations, too, and so we were eager to try the following sushi roll, and the nigiri of salmon and nut butter, as well as smoked unagi with hot teriyaki sauce. The latter one came hiding underneath a cloche, releasing the delicate smell of beech smoke upon being lifted. Spicy!

We agreed as we had never before agreed: that was simply perfect! A million thank yous go to the wonderful Ono team!

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