Nimb Terrasse Cakelovers Paradise in Tivoli

Wednesday, May 07 2014

Opening Times

Saturday + Sunday 13.30-16.00


Nimb Terrasse
Vesterbrogade 3
1630 Copenhagen-Vesterbro
.How to get there


+45 88 70 00 00

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Whenever we have friend visiting from abroad they always want to visit Tivoli. Our dear german friends act like they are wild teenagers when we go to the park. They love doing all the crazy rollor coasters so we love taking them to Tivoli so they can have fun and feel young again.

Tivoli is a beautiful and well kept garden in the center of Copenhagen. The place is packed with roller coasters, beautiful flowers, restaurants, popcorn and lots of live music during the summer. Tivoli is in fact the worlds oldest amusement park and it dates back to year 1843. Summer is the peak time at Tivoli and there is people everywhere you go. This can be a little hectic and stressful after a few hours and that is when you need a little quiet time to relax before you join the fun again.

I was looking for a quiet place last time I was visiting Tivoli and oh my, did I find it. This is heaven, cake heaven that is! At the Nimb Terrasse you will find a pastry buffet every saturday and sunday from 13.30. All cakes are made by a confectioner and decoreated with fresh fruits and berries in season.


The buffet includes petite and delisious mini creations, macoroons and large cakes looking like wedding cakes etc. The welcoming and friendly staff makes sure you are served fresh brewed tea or coffee all the time or a sparkling glass of Róse to accomoniate your cake selection. This place is so wonderful and calm and you have time to talk before you enter the madness outside again. The beautiful sorroundings will for sure make an impression on you. Make sure to bring your mom, sister or any friend of yours with a sweet tooth. You will love the cakes, I promise.

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Nimb Terrasse – Cakelovers Paradise in Tivoli
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