Louisiana Where art meets great architecture

Wednesday, October 30 2013

Opening Times

Thursday til Friday 11.00-22.00
Saturday til Sunday 11.00-18.00


Louisiana Museum of Modern Art
Gl. Strandvej 13
3050 Humlebæk Copenhagen
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New York have MoMa but Kopenhagen has it’s very own MoMa. We call it 'Louisiana' – Museum of modern art. Louisiana is among the most visited art museums in Denmark. It might sound bizarre for an outsider – but you may even consider just going there just for a nice cup of coffee because it’s the best view and most extraordinaire surroundings you’ll ever find.

Louisiana is a place - a perfect place where art interacts with the architecture, the park and the view of oresund. It is the sorroundings and the art that makes Louisiana a very unique and special experience of it’s own. The museum was built in 1958 and it is considered a masterpiece of Danish Modernist architecture. It has been expanded and modernized several times between 1958-2006 but always to match the old buildings and the surrounding landscape.

Every year Louisiana offers 4-6 temporary exhibitions, presenting both great modernist artists and the latest international contemporary art in the series Louisiana Contemporary. Throughout the years the museum has persisted in taking the international view as a premise for its exhibitions and Louisiana’s status implies that the museum is able to attract future exhibitions and artists of a standard available to only very few Scandinavian museums.


To visit Louisiana you can easily catch the train or go by car. It is just 30km north of kopenhagen. All practical information regarding your visit can be found at the museums webpage

Louisiana – Where art meets great architecture
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