Garde Hvalsøe It's all in the detail

Wednesday, February 12 2014

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Monday to Friday: 11.00 am - 5.00 pm
Saturday: 10.00 am - 3.00 pm


Garde Hvalsøe
Esplanaden 8D
1263 Copenhagen-Østerbro
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+45 70222260

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What is the most important room at your place? For me there is no question – I love my kitchen. This is the heart and the soul of my house. It’s my lab and test-room for new great recipes and I spent a lot of time there every day. In many ways, a kitchen is like a meal: The better the ingredients and the more skilled the preparation, the better the result. 

I have just discovered this amazing shop at Østerbro called Garde Hvalsøe. The shop owners have a great love for wood and you can tell when you look at the details. Each piece in their shop is handcrafted locally. The construction process is combining modern production and centuries-old craft traditions, where a single slip of the hand can mean the difference between perfect and defective. Just take a look at the pictures and you can almost feel how soft the wood is and how well prepared the materials are. 

Garde Hvalsøe is not just making beautiful kitchens but also wardrobes, bathrooms and furnishing. The team of kitchen consultants, carpenters or constructing architect at the store will customize your kitchen to match your house, odd measures or specific need. Each kitchen from Garde Hvalsøe has it’s own story just like any tree has it’s own story, odd measures, hardness or softness.


What I love the most about Garde Hvalsøe is that they are not ruled by trends. When they build kitchens in Denmark or abroad, it is always with the same goal in mind: To achieve the best possible combination of aesthetics functionality through the absence of unnecessary decorations and details.

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Garde Hvalsøe – It’s all in the detail
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