Youghurt Frozen Yoghurt & Cereal at Friedrichstraße

Monday, November 19 2012

Opening Times

This place has been closed!


Leipziger Platz 12
10117 Berlin-Mitte
.How to get there


+49 30 49 20 45 18

My son, a teenager, recently convinced me that it was about time to write articles for „young people“ every now and then. I stumbled upon Youghurt and decided to start with this literally fresh and new concept. Youghurt is the first Berlin-based frozen Yoghurt and Cereal store with self-service. Create your own frozen yoghurt with delicious toppings like sauces, fruits and various sweets – put it together any way you like.

You can also put together your favorite cereal, and combined with frozen yoghurt it is - of course - especially nice. Gaudy Vitra rocking chairs invite you to relax and enjoy the deliciousness that is frozen yoghurt all the while with a perfect view of the passersby on Friedrichstraße. The perfect location to „chill“, as my son would say.

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Youghurt – Frozen Yoghurt & Cereal at Friedrichstraße
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