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Wednesday, April 27 2022

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Food is exciting. Food is surprise. Food can be a hug after a hard day. Food is love. We love food, you will probably have noticed that. When it comes to options for a special evening or just good times, Berlin offers an almost unmanageable array of great places with fantastic cuisine, great drinks and a brilliant atmosphere. 

But a city like Berlin has so much to offer that it's easy to lose track. Sometimes you just want a specific tip for a restaurant visit - a kind of dinner bucket list, so to speak. Of course, Creme Guides is in itself a collection of these great places because we only recommend what we genuinely like.

And yet there are those Magic Places that completely blew us away on our first visit and enchanted us anew every time, those places where we simply had and have an insanely good time. Whether it's fantastic restaurants, cute cafés or really cool bars, our biggest highlights can, of course, change from time to time. That's why it's worth taking a regular look at our current highlights, which you'll find in this very spot from now on.

So cheers to enjoyment! Cheers to life!

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Kontraer Prenzlauer Berg (16)


Excellent wines, fantastic food, outstanding crew. At Konträr, owner Taran simply serves what tastes good to him personally (and that is often delicious top quality). But he deliberately avoids shishi. Instead, there are hand-picked natural wines (convincing even if you are not usually into natural wines), a relaxed atmosphere - and excellent bar food (definitely try the liver sausage roll!). The Konträr also regularly organises pop-ups where the owner invites winemakers or serves special delicacies. We also really love the Magic Mondays, when the Konträr crew serves up whatever their heart desires and which have the potential to make Mondays, which many people hate, their favourite day of the week.

Konträr | 
Winsstraße 53 | 10405 Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg

Nomu Sake Bar shot by René Riis

Nomu Sake Bar

There are those places that make you blissfully happy. The Nomu Sake Bar is one of these places that we are particularly fond of. First, this is due to the delicious Japanese Izakaya cuisine, and secondly, of course, the convincing sake selection, which is truly unparalleled in Berlin. Apart from that, Nomu Sake Bar is very small, very intimate and knows how to convince with personal and charming service. 

Nomu Sake Bar | 
Ludwigkirchstraße 3 | 10719 Berlin-Wilmersdorf

Frühstück 3000 Berlin Schöneberg Eggs Benedict

Frühstück 3000

Breakfast on the level of 3000, that's what you get in Schöneberg at Frühstück 3000. They serve refined classics (Eggs Benedict with caviar? For sure!), the finest seasonal taste explosions, and exquisite coffee specialities, fresh juices and drinks for a cultivated boozy brunch. An absolute must: Chicken 3000 and a Bloody Mary. We are sure that this will convince even the breakfast critics!

Frühstück 3000 Schöneberg | 
Bülowstraße 101 | 10783 Berlin-Schöneberg


Café Camaleon

The relaxed mood you feel at Café Camaleon is surprising given its location on Weinmeisterstraße. But the seemingly endless window front is perfectly insulated, and pleasant light and chic 60s ambience make for a stylish restaurant experience here. The restaurant, which is part of the Camper Hotel, offers breakfast and lunch as well as a regularly changing, cross-Mediterranean evening menu in tapas-style on Fridays and Saturdays. Unique creations, accompanied by exquisite natural wine, and the evening is a success. 

Café Camaleon | 
Rosenthaler Str. 53 | 10178 Berlin-Mitte


Café Botanico

Café Botanico in Neukölln offers a very special restaurant concept. After all, which restaurant in Berlin has a large garden next to its location that provides much of the herbs and seasonal vegetables used? With its extremely cosy living room charm, an open kitchen and good-humoured staff, guests can feel completely at home. The delicious food is Italian-inspired, with good wine and even homemade herbal lemonades and schnapps on request. In summer, you can also sit on the terrace and enjoy the garden, where they even offer guided tours.

Café Botanico | 
Richardstraße 100 | 12043 Berlin-Neukölln

Loumi Dining Berlin (12)

Loumi Dining

It feels pleasantly conspiratorial when you are the only one who knows about a location, slips into the back entrance of a house and is served such a meal in a stranger's flat. The two self-taught chefs, Karl-Louis and Mical, transform the finest seasonal ingredients into extraordinarily fine culinary delights somewhere between Nordic cuisine, Japanese cleanliness and French kitchen techniques. In addition, they serve selected wines as host and kitchen crew in personal union and make this unique dining experience perfect. And if the table company is just right, the evening is perfect all round.

Brunch im Bonvivant

Brunch at the Bonvivant Cocktail-Bistro

Bonvivant Cocktail Bistro in Schöneberg serves not only deliciously creative cocktails but also a vegetarian brunch with few but sophisticated dishes. The green shakshuka and the large pancake filled with caramel and pears are particularly appealing. The stylish interior seats a pleasantly mixed crowd, from influencers to old Berliners. The relaxed atmosphere invites you to linger and, thanks to the motto "No Shame in Daytime Drinking", gives you a pleasant start to the weekend.

Bonvivant | 
Goltzstraße 32 | 10781 Berlin-Schöneberg

Die Sechste im KaDeWe Berlin (3)

Die Sechste at KaDeWe

I mean... Die Sechste at KaDeWe is undoubtedly a true Eldorado for all food lovers in the capital. Whether oyster bar, fish cutter and young caviar creations or fresh beer on tap, the most delicate truffle dishes and delicious pizza, everyone will find something in the food court of the luxury department store. And the delicatessen department is genuinely unparalleled. Especially cool: the recently opened terrace at Fischkutter and the new late opening hours until midnight.

Die Sechste 6. Etage im Kaufhaus des Westens | 
Tauentzienstraße 21–24 | 10789 Berlin-Schöneberg

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