Waldorf Astoria's Guerlain Spa It doesn't get any better!

Friday, October 25 2013


Guerlain Spa im Waldorf Astoria
Hardenbergstraße 28
10623 Berlin-Charlottenburg
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I do admit I was invited, but boy, was it good! The Guerlain Spa in Berlin's Waldorf Astoria Hotel is pure indulgence and comes close to actual beauty and body care heaven. Treatments are thoroughly thought through and my beautician Ekaterina was so calm and professional throughout the process, I was thankful for being forced to take a break from everyday routine. And that's gotta mean something for a workaholic like me.

The spa is the only one of its kind in Germany and one of only twelve worldwide. A treatment at one of Guerlain's spas always starts out with the choice of one of the brand's fragrances that sets the basis for your whole visit. 'Nerolia Bianca' was my choice, and as I entered my private bathroom I could already smell the scent had filled up the space. Wrapped in a soothingly soft bathrobe, I started with the first part of my treatment: a foot soak in yet another separate purpose-built space.

My journey had begun! I took place on silk cushions. Feet bathed in warm water, followed by a foot scrub and massage. As if walking on clouds, terrycloth slippers carried me to my next stop. A booth, not dark and shut off from the outside but flooded with daylight and filled with my 'Nerolia' scent of choice, an usual open and comfortable atmosphere. And so I took place on the warm lounger.


Ekaterina started at my feet, spoiling them with products by British trend label Leighton & Denny that made me feel like a foot model. Mellow sounds are playing in the background, the mood set in and completely took over my mind and body at once.

The next step was a facial treatment, made up of a skin analysis, an enzyme scrub deep cleanse and a steam polish. Essences being gently rubbed onto my skin, masks applied and my head was massaged. What followed was a true pampering session for the wrinkled region above my neck. I reached a new high of relaxation and my skin felt as firm and fresh as ever before. Finally, I had my lashes dyed - my personal highlight of the treatment. Fantastic! No burning, no blemishes.

And all the while, with a slight Russian accent, Ekaterina tells me about past jobs at other spas and that women in New York would rather spend their money on a lunch break at the spa than actually taking a break. Talking on the phone or working on their notebook while getting a pedicure, heading straight back to work after being done, they seem to actually do spa only to strike it off the list.

I ended up being really happy to be in Berlin and able to actually take time off to fully take it all in. Re-energized I went back into my less glamorous world that awaited me full of exciting new tasks. It's time to make some money for my next visit to the Waldorf Astoria's spa, and I can't wait for it! Next time, I'll make sure to book one of Guerlain's renowned Signature Treatments.

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Waldorf Astoria’s Guerlain Spa – It doesn’t get any better!
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