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10629 Berlin-Charlottenburg
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Makeup artist Daniela Schmiemann spent many years accompanying actors and other stars on film sets, making their perfect entrance possible. At one point she decided she wanted a quieter life and founded the Schoenheyd studio in Charlottenburg with her current business partner, Marten Müller.

Alongside exceptional partners, they now offer all imaginable services to do with beauty: from high-quality, gentle hair-lengthening and -thickening, cuts and colouring, to cosmetics, makeup, and consultation, with even eyelash-thickening and permanent makeup offered.

Daniela Schmiemann’s own area of expertise is still makeup and styling, whereby makeup consultation remains close to her heart so that her customers can get by even one their own at home.

She also wants to increase awareness of dangerous cosmetic ingredients. To that end, Schoenheyd keeps a selection of products by SanDee, Zuji Organic, and Lili Lolo makeup, as well as Dulkamara vegan products and Philip Martin’s hair and face products on hand.

Schoenheyd Beauty Studio Charlottenburg
Schoenheyd Beauty Location Charlottenburg
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Daniela Schmiemann von Schoenheyd Berlin

The 150 m2 of the beauty studio offers a reception area along with two rooms with two workspaces apiece for salon, styling, and makeup, which can be separated from one another for disruption-free work. Daylight lamps allow for optimal work with colours.

Two additional rooms are available for classic cosmetic applications and an even more private hair and makeup area. Entering and leaving Schoenheyd unobserved is possible via a back door- with limousine service upon request.

That’s not to say that the beauty studio is only for those who are in the spotlight. Anyone who wants to make a perfect entrance- in everyday life, or for a special event- is in the best of hands with Daniela Schmiemann and Marten Müller’s team.

In lieu of hair-lengthening and -thickening, Daniela Schmiemann also offers perfectly sitting and guaranteed unperceived hair replacements for men. Whether the red carpet, a wedding, or a first date, at Schoenheyd everyone is styled in accordance with their own personality, without being pressed into unfitting trends.

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Schoenheyd — For the Perfect Entrance
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