The Stadtmenü at NOname This is what will be served at Berlin Food Week 2021

Tuesday, September 14 2021

Opening Times

Tuesday to Saturday: 5:00pm - 9:00pm (last order)


The NOname
Oranienburger Str. 32
10117 Berlin-Mitte
.How to get there


+49 30 279 099 027

Good to know

Data concerns the Berlin Food week 2021.

The NOname in Berlin Mitte district is creatively addressing the issue of climate friendliness for Berlin Food Week 2021. Freely following the restaurant motto "NO limits, NO boundaries", the casual fine dining restaurant demonstrates in an impressive way what Alexandra Laubrinus already stated in our interview: climate-friendly nutrition does not have to mean renunciation at all.

Instead, as part of the city menu from September 21st to 25th, the NOname invites diners in its usual manner to leave their own comfort zone and devote themselves entirely to enjoyment. The kitchen team is aware that sustainability is more than just a trend and has always paid attention to zero waste, as well as regionality and seasonality.

This idea is reflected in the table decorations, for example, where the NOname relies on dried flowers and fresh herb pots. Sustainable gastronomy also includes the demands on producers and suppliers. Not only oils, vegetables and, of course, animal products come from conscientious producers from the region, but also the wine accompaniment focuses on vintners who work in harmony with nature.

The NOname Berlin Mitte (5)

Sustainability means however not only consumption: also the various discussions and contacts, which one experiences it with the mixed setting in the NOname, can lead in friendships for many years - talking about NO boundaries...

In this year's city menu at the NOname, the proportions of meat, fish and animal products are also greatly reduced. Nevertheless, the menu is not vegan or vegetarian throughout. Instead, the menu focuses on the whole animal, in this case the chicken, as the kitchen team explains, "For the main course, we use the whole chicken, focusing on the breast, we make a rillette from the drumsticks, a broth from the carcass, and an emulsion from the chicken fat. So we really use the whole animal."

The result is a menu that is as mindful, climate-friendly as it is delicious, and you can get a taste of it here:

Grape seed bread | Pointed cabbage | Gold of pleasure oil.

wild herbs | apricot | hazelnut

Celery | Miso | Maple syrup | Sourdough

BBQ Corn | Popcorn | Jalapeno

chicken | Jerusalem artichoke | hay

or vegi: herb oyster mushroom | mushroom caramel | cauliflower | pine nuts

sunflower seeds | porcini | apple | black pumpkin

The 5-course menu costs 89 €

Translated by Alexander Brandes

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The Stadtmenü at NOname – This is what will be served at Berlin Food Week 2021
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