Bao Private Fine Dining Tradition meets modernity

Monday, October 30 2023


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When it comes to private dining experiences, we at Creme Guides have a very special favourite: Wenbao Lin, a top chef from China who offers exclusive dinner evenings for small groups with Bao Private Fine Dining. In the Community Kitchen at the KPM Hotel, at Kyffhäuser 21 or at selected locations in Berlin and Potsdam.

Wenbao Lin is a culinary polyglot. The ever-present chopsticks in the breast pocket of his chef's jacket reveal a deep affinity with Asian, especially Chinese, cuisine. But this man also loves European cuisine. He brings the two together on the plate - in a very special role: as a private chef who cooks in selected locations and at guests' homes.

When you come from a family of top chefs and have cooked in upscale restaurants with international cuisine concepts in Shanghai, you are passionate about looking beyond the culinary horizon. "I grew up near the sea, so I love seafood," says the 36-year-old with Cantonese roots, who knows how to skilfully weave this affinity into his menus. He came to Berlin five and a half years ago, worked in top restaurants such as the China Club and gained a lot of experience.

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At some point, however, Wenbao Lin was no longer satisfied with the behind-the-scenes work in the kitchen. He had already cooked for private parties from time to time in Shanghai. Because, as he says, he loves the contact with the guests and enjoys interacting with them face to face.

So he took matters into his own hands and created Bao Private Fine Dining, with which he cooks for guests in small groups at exclusive locations or on their own premises. The elegant Community Kitchen in the chic KPM Hotel & Residences, not far from the Tiergarten, is ideal for this culinary journey.

The premises of the Community Kitchen are reduced to the essentials: A long table seats twelve people, while the counter of the adjacent open-plan kitchen seats another six. This means that cooking and being cooked for can be combined directly with good company, in keeping with Bao's philosophy. After all, the best parties take place in the kitchen.

In addition to the Community Kitchen, he also offers Bao Private Fine Dining at Kyffhäuser 21 in Schöneberg, whose stylish warmth we at Creme Guides also greatly appreciate. For those who prefer their own four walls or a location of their choice, Private Fine Dining can also be booked in private premises in Berlin and Potsdam.

Wenbao Lin has developed his very own style through his many years of experience in various cuisines and travelling around the world. It is important to him to combine tradition and innovation. He incorporates Chinese elements, which, together with his own innovations, offer a very unique and relaxed dining experience. The experience and exclusive character of private dining are essential to his kitchen philosophy.

From six to eight small courses, Wenbao Lin creates European-Chinese pleasure trips for private dinner evenings by individual arrangement. On the surface, pork belly, truffles and chanterelles may be continental, but behind the scenes, the private chef adds an unexpected twist from his homeland. Bamboo shoots, chilli, ginger - it all sounds familiar. With his culinary signature, he turns it into a new flavour experience.

To keep an evening with the private chef exclusive and memorable, the tables are kept small with up to twelve people. For larger gourmet groups of up to 25 people, Bao offers a flying buffet, which, like his menus, is fine dining in terms of standard but relaxed, casual dining in terms of atmosphere.

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Bao Private Fine Dining – Tradition meets modernity
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