The Spindler at Berlin Food Week 2021 French brasserie cuisine as "Stadtmenü"

Wednesday, September 08 2021

Opening Times

Thursday to Sunday: 10:00am - midnight


Spindler Restaurant
Paul-Lincke-Ufer 42/43
10999 Berlin-Kreuzberg
.How to get there


+49 30 695 988 80

There's so much goodness on offer at Spindler, we're not sure where to start. The cosy brasserie is in a picturesque location directly on Kreuzberg's Paul-Linke-Ufer, i.e. where things are still bustling in Kreuzberg district, but already a little greener.

Meanwhile, the peaceful terrace with prominent red garden chairs has been made rain-friendly thanks to an awning, making it even more inviting. Finally, inside, designer Karolina Preis has created a cosy and tasteful atmosphere in the Gründerzeit rooms with handmade furniture and selected antiques, in which you feel at home right away.

It goes without saying that the extremely charming service, which takes care of your physical well-being in a professional yet friendly manner, also contributes to this. But the decisive factor for a first-class brasserie is, of course, the cuisine. At Spindler, seasonal cooking has always been the order of the day. Therefore, they saw themselves well prepared for the requirement of a climate-friendly "Stadtmenü" for Berlin Food Week 2021.

Spindler Berlin Tim und Nico
Spindler Berlin Sebastians Garten
Sebastian Leyer Spindler Restaurant Stadtmenü
Spindler Berlin Gewaechshaus
Spindler Berlin Terrasse
Hortus Tayta Gemuesekorb Spindler Restaurant
Spindler Berlin Brandenburger Risotto

According to the motto "Vegan - as regional as possible - outstanding taste", Spindler is working on a menu that will not only make vegans smile, but also meat lovers. In this context, chef Nicolas Gremin, together with guest chef Tim Tanneberger, embarks on nothing less than the "search for perfect taste" for the "Stadtmenü".

To do this, they use the products of ex-star chef Sebastian Leyer, who runs his "Hortus Tayta" in Templin in northern Brandenburg. Here, on an area of 1700 square metres, he cultivates a wide variety of fruit and vegetables in permaculture, consistently avoiding monocultures, pesticides and weed killers - but instead using good soil. In this way, he is already prepared for an agriculture that will continue to satisfy people for centuries to come. Exciting, climate-friendly and delicious!

Translated by Alexander Brandes

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The Spindler at Berlin Food Week 2021 – French brasserie cuisine as “Stadtmenü”
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