Sporty Staycation Fit through the summer

Tuesday, August 09 2022

OK, let's allow ourselves a bit of lazing around: An ice cream in the sun, lounging by the lake, a good book in the park. But it makes sense to maintain your sports routine even in summer, sunshine, and holiday time. So the best thing to do is simply adapt it to the most beautiful time of year - and maybe even discover a new favourite sport and a new challenge in the process.

Without question, summer is the best time of year for anyone who loves to exercise outdoors. Whether you go on holiday or spend your holidays at home in your own city is almost irrelevant - especially because Berlin is so large and diverse that you can easily experience minor (sporting) adventures here too.

Even if you're spending your summer holiday at home this year instead of on the Italian Riviera, you can still get your staycation into action with the wide range of activities offered by Urban Sports Club. At the boot camp in the park, you are guaranteed to make a holiday acquaintance or two. Various team sports provide a great opportunity to let off steam with others and have a great time simultaneously.

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Beach volleyball at BeachMitte, for example, not only trains hand-eye coordination and cardiovascular fitness. With your feet in the sand and a cool team around you, you're guaranteed to get that holiday feeling.

It also feels like a holiday to sail around the Spree on a SUP or a canoe. You're guaranteed to get to know the city from an entirely new perspective and get closer to nature than ever. Perfect for really switching off - after all, we don't just need action for a successful staycation.

And when the summer weather reaches unimaginable heights again, the only thing that helps is a jump into the cold water at the nearest summer pool. It almost feels like being on holiday! You don't have to take a plane to have a successful summer. Besides, the ice cream tastes twice as good after a sweaty workout!

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Sporty Staycation – Fit through the summer
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