Sir Helga A warm welcome in the cosy and tasteful living room

Wednesday, November 09 2022

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Sir Helga - Berlin Friedrichshain
Kreutzigerstraße 14
10247 Berlin-Friedrichshain
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Oh, Aunt Helga, she always used to be the nicest. Her goulash was the best far and wide, and when you came to her, she welcomed you warmly and nicely as if you were nobility. And that brings us straight to the title of nobility. We don't know why Helga was made a sir and not a lady. But her courteous manner, the fine cuisine and the cosiness with which we are welcomed at Sir Helga in Friedrichshain are undoubtedly reminiscent of the cosy but tastefully decorated living room of our favourite aunt. 

An open, dark-painted ceiling deliberately brings a bit of industrial chic to the otherwise cosy living room flair created by jungle wallpaper, dark wooden furniture and cute decorative objects. In the back area, not only a cosy sofa awaits guests but also a slightly separated dining table for up to twelve people - then, of course, gatherings of all kinds are thought of in Sir Helga. That's why an event area will soon be opening right next door. 

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The restaurant has been open since mid-August 2022 and was designed in the same style as the Munich branch, bringing a touch of modern noblesse to the Friedrichshain neighbourhood. And so you start your cosy evening with your loved ones at Sir Helga with a round of fine drinks. We opted for Negroni and the Mocktail Pink Panties and were not disappointed.

Alongside them are other classic and more unusual drinks on the menu: Helga Spritz with pear, ginger, prosecco and soda, something we imagine is wonderfully refreshing in warmer temperatures. With delicious cocktails and mocktails, selected wines, local beers of all kinds and soft as well as hot drinks, you are well-catered all day long at Sir Helga. 

The same goes for the menu, which offers delicious brunch classics like Eggs Benedict or the obligatory avocado tulip, vegan of course, as well as tasty shakshuka or an overnight bulgur bowl with almond yoghurt, cereals and berries. However, we're dining at Sir Helga tonight, so it's hard to choose from the starters and main courses. Now, even in our stomachs, space is limited. 

So we choose two of our all-time favourites: a very classic and delicious beef tartare, of course freshly dressed and cut, and the vegan lentil salad with lots of colourful and seasonal vegetables like sweet potato, beetroot and crunchy kale. The portions are more than fair, so we're actually happy after the starter. But we wouldn't be here with our favourite aunt in the living room if we stopped after the starter. 

So for the main course, we enjoy the wonderfully tender veal cheeks, accompanied by an extremely creamy and aromatic mashed potato and tasty kale salad. On the other plate, we are delighted by a wonderfully pink roasted saddle of venison on pointed cabbage, as well as some cranberry and delicate bread dumplings. Unfortunately, at this point, we have to disappoint you, dear readers. Dessert is no longer appropriate at this point, so we regretfully forego plums with port wine and hazelnut ice cream or delicate tiramisu.

But because something sweet is a must at the end of a meal, we have a Passionfruit Chilli Margarita and a Hazelnut Salty Caramel Colada - and they are without question a fantastic liquid dessert alternative. Perfect for treating yourself. Because that's what you come to Sir Helga for, to be pampered with fine food and good drinks. Just arrive, switch off, and feel good - what you do in a cosy living room. 

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Sir Helga – A warm welcome in the cosy and tasteful living room
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