Salumeria Lamuri Finest Italian Specialty Foods in Kreuzberg

Thursday, September 25 2014

Opening Times

Wednesday to Saturday: noon - 3.00 pm

Thursday & Friday: 6.00 pm - 10.00 pm


Salumeria Lamuri
Köpenicker Straße 183
10997 Berlin-Kreuzberg
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+49 175 700 34 19

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As if it's been there forever, Salumeria Lamuri, located on Kreuzberg's Köpenicker Straße, presents itself as authentic and traditional as its original counterparts in Italy. The tilework, shelves fully stacked with culinary goods, the Italian-speaking staff. The setting almost had me mistake early fall in Berlin for a sunny holiday at the mediterranean. Customers enter and order 'espresso e dolcetti'. The smell of fine cured meats, tangy cheese and warm cappucino fill the air.

Early in the morning, the fresh ciabatta, tramezzini and panini sandwiches behind the counter easily lead to the conclusion that the homemade pasta on the lunch menu would be no less than perfect either. They compete with delicious-looking croissants and cakes for the customers' attention while whetting everyone's appetite to the moon.

Salumeria Lamuri opened its doors just over a year ago and over the past few months has built a reputation that reaches far beyond Köpenicker Straße. Rightly so! This gem is heaven on earth for every lover of true Italian specialty foods!

Salumeria Lamuri Berlin Köpenickerstraße Tisch
Salumeria Lamuri Berlin Köpenickerstraße Interieur
Salumeria Lamuri Berlin Köpenickerstraße Wein
Salumeria Lamuri Berlin Köpenickerstraße Salami
Salumeria Lamuri Berlin Köpenickerstraße Butter
Salumeria Lamuri Berlin Köpenickerstraße Dekoration
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Salumeria Lamuri – Finest Italian Specialty Foods in Kreuzberg
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