Restaurant Ship Patio From Spree Cruise to Fine Dining

Tuesday, May 23 2023

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Tuesday to Saturday: 5:30pm - 10:00pm


Ecke Kirchstraße, Helgoländer Ufer 13 a
10557 Berlin-Moabit
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+49 30 403 017 00

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It's been almost three years since our last visit to the Patio restaurant ship. A lot has changed since then, a new kitchen team, a new gastronomic concept and a massive ship reconstruction. However, one thing has remained the same: The elegance and charm of this exceptional location on the Spree.

The Patio actually comprises two ships. On the one hand, there is the impressively constructed restaurant ship, which can serve three decks thanks to unique conversions. The other is the saloon ship Riethoen, built in 1938, which can be booked for Spree cruises, of which owner Mathias Böhme gives us a taste on this sunny May evening.

With plenty of Crémant in our luggage, we take a seat on the deck and enjoy the sun and the view of the government district. Mathias steers the ship himself, joins us on quieter stretches where the remote control is sufficient and knows a lot about the area, some of which is even new to Berliners*. A genuinely successful start to the evening on the Patio.

Patio I Gemüse Canneloni
Patio I Müritz Lamm-Hummus-Aubergine
Patio I Rhabarber-Joghurt-Karamell
Patio innen
Patio I night

Back on the main deck, an elegant construction of curved beams reminiscent of the skeleton of a ship's belly, we occupy ourselves with the menu. Three-, four- or five-course menus are offered, accompanied by wine if desired. While starters, entrees and desserts remain vegetarian, "Mittendrin" and "Hauptgang" give us a choice between fish, meat or vegetables.

Chef Christopher Kümper, the former owner of Christopher's in Charlottenburg, is keen to offer a balanced menu in which meat and fish tend to add to the vegetarian. With his team brought from his own restaurant, he presents us with a colourful, fresh menu that fits excellently with this first warm May evening.

Already the starter melts in the mouth in the truest sense of the word: goat cheese ice cream with mushrooms and a green salad of peas and pea cabbage. The coolness makes the goat flavour very nuanced. Suitably summery, our menu is accompanied by a selection of white wines from hostess Gesa, with a Riesling: Win-Win from Winnen as a starter.

We taste our way through the patio menu. Poached country egg with potato foam and brandade and elegantly arranged eagle fish with hummus and aubergine taste excellent. However, the intermediate course of lovingly rolled, colourful vegetable cannelloni on a grass-green vegetable broth is particularly inspiring. Each of the rolls tastes a little different, whether with a smoked vegetable filling or burrata.

The evening on the Patio is a success. Those afraid of getting seasick can rest assured: thanks to the new conversions, the ship has a concrete bilge and a fixed anchorage between four poles that reduce fluctuations to a minimum. In the bilge, the cellar so to speak, is an atmospheric party cellar with a lounge area and round aquariums; like the rest of the sophisticated ship, it can be booked for events.

Whether for upscale cuisine, a drink on the sun deck or a cruise on the Spree, the Patio remains one of the most original locations in the city.

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Restaurant Ship Patio – From Spree Cruise to Fine Dining
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