Rennbahn Hoppegarten Just Like Imperial Times

Sunday, July 26 2015


Rennbahn Hoppegarten
Goetheallee 1
15366 Hoppegarten Berlin
.How to get there


+49 3342 38 93 0

The starting shot for the first horse race was fired in 1868 in presence of King Wilhelm I. and the Chancellor Otto von Bismarck. The start of a successful story. Hoppegarten quickly turns into one of the most significant racecourses in Europe and meanwhile to a meeting point for all social classes of Berlin. During GDR time the site was forgotten and the big studs as well as the big races took place in West Germany.

First tries of revival were started after the turnaround but they were shaped by drawbacks, mainly because of the undecided ownership and later because of the insolvency of the temporary owner Union-Klub. Ever since the racecourse is in private hand and several times a year horse races take place again. Horse races that please all social classes, just like they used to.

According to Britta Elm, a German hostess, getting to Hoppegarten by S-Bahn is easy and the atmosphere is fabulous. The audience is a mixture of all: big men with cigars, dressed up women with hats and ordinary Berliners that have peaceful pick nicks together. Especially during summer the racecourse is worth a trip!

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Rennbahn Hoppegarten – Just Like Imperial Times
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