Partenope #081 Italian street food straight from Naples

Saturday, July 03 2021

Opening Times

Monday to Thursday: 5:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Friday to Sunday: 1.00 pm - 11:00 pm


Partenope 081
Gärtnerstraße 15
10245 Berlin-Friedrichshain
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Full of despair that she could not lure the adventurer Odysseus to her by her song (the cunning fox had plugged his men's ears with wax and had himself tied to the mast), the siren Partenope threw herself into the Mediterranean floods, according to Homer. Her lifeless body washed up in Italy and was buried there.

Today, this place is better known as Naples. You can get here directly via extension #081 - so the name Partenope #081 says it all. Here, Francesco provides Friedrichshain with all kinds of authentic Napolitan delicacies. "We want to make Neapolitan recipes known that Berlin doesn't even know the name of," explains the Neapolitan.

So it's charmingly chaotic off to Italy, tables with chequered doilies on the cobblestones, lots of hustle and bustle from Boxi around the corner and regular guests taking a few of the deep-fried delicacies from the buffet showcase in front of the shop on their hands. Behind names like Frittatina di Pasta, Zeppoline di Alghe and Arrancini are deep-fried balls filled with mozzarella and other goodies with pasta and rice.

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Now, of course, this is not health food, but the original Napolitan street food nevertheless tastes less heavy than you might think. Typical southern Italian home cooking, like everything at Partnope #081. Pasta e Patate, for example, is known to every child in Italy. And of course, Partenope #081 serves traditional Neapolitan pizza from the recently imported stone oven.

In addition to pizza classics, the pizza will also be available 'a portafoglio' as is customary in Naples: folded like a sandwich. Pizza to go, southern Italian street food at its best, so to speak. Inside, SSC Naples hero Diego Maradona watches over everything. And because pizza is a meal for the people, a Margherita at Partenope #081 costs only 7 euros. You can even bring the whole family - just like in Naples. 

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Partenope #081 – Italian street food straight from Naples
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