Tiny's Pizza Excellent pizza and natural wine at Piccolo Giardino

Wednesday, November 03 2021

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Monday: noon - 10.30 pm
Thursday: 4.00 - 11.30 pm
Friday & Saturday: noon - 12.30 pm


Piccolo Giardino x Tiny’s
Rosenthaler Straße 36
10178 Berlin-Mitte
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I've had a lot of pizzas in my life; mostly very satisfying, occasionally pretty darn tasty. But Tiny's Pizza exceeds every expectation with its Napolitan.

We sit in the Hackesche Höfe, overlooking a beautiful terraced landscape entirely in the architectural style of Hinrich Baller. It is autumn but it feels more like a lukewarm summer night. Vacation feelings in the very busy heart of Berlin Mitte. Athmospherically a dream.

But it quickly becomes more dreamlike when I am served the "Rosé Dogma" from Gerhard and Brigitte Pittnauer. A natural wine that forms a heartwarming symbiosis with the refreshing breeze and already sets the place apart from conventional pizzerias. It is accompanied by Norcella olives, which sounds simple, but the taste is simply a delight with indescribable freshness and fruitiness.

Then, as a small prelude, we are served carponata, consisting of fried eggplant with various vegetables and pine nuts in agrodolce sauce. A small sweet-sour-heart dish that is qualitatively exactly the same as what we have already been offered that evening.

Tinys Pizza (13)
Tinys Pizza (10)
Tinys Pizza (11)

Deciding on a main course at Tiny's Pizza is not easy. The menu offers so many pizza variations that your mouth waters just reading it. I vacillate between the Truffle Cotto e Funghi pizza, a white pizza without tomato sauce with ricotta, baked mushrooms, smoked cotto ham, white truffle cream and basil, and a classic: the Spicy Salame pizza.

I'm annoyed that I don't trust my stomach to eat both and ultimately opt for the latter. A decision I do not regret. The pizza convinces with its interplay of refreshing straciatella from Puglia, the spiciness of habanero oil and the spicy salami. The whole thing is rounded off with a slightly sweet note of wildflower honey.

I'd have to be lying if I said I've had a comparable pizza before. Not only formally round but also perfectly flavorful. With the classic fluffy, slightly thicker Napolitan crust, the last of the toppings are dabbed off the plate and bang, it's done. The feeling of 100% satisfaction is celebrated with a refreshing, very cloudy "Pittnauer Blond by Nature."

Conclusion: Phenomenal wine and excellent pizza in an idyllic and visually beautiful ambience make for a perfect night out experience that you would love to repeat the very next day. The only drawback was that Claus Preisinger's "Puzta Libre" was sold out. A Czech very light red natural wine, which I can only recommend everyone to try when they get the chance. 

I kiss your heart Tiny's Pizza. I will definitely be back!

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Tiny’s Pizza – Excellent pizza and natural wine at Piccolo Giardino
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