Places in Artistic Change The Art Summer in Berlin

Wednesday, July 26 2023

Opening Times

Paris in Wonderland: Until 19 August
Where The Wild Roses Grow: Until 13 August
Berlin Beats: 16 June to 31 August

This month, the focus is on places and locations that can be reinforced, transformed, and perceived anew through art. Especially in the summer months, this comes in handy. Whether in Berlin's underground, in the countryside or dancing, framed by Hamburger Bahnhof, there is something for everyone!

In a wholly analogue and haptic way, you can currently experience at Strausberger Platz or even the famous/loved/infamous Kottbusser Tor what happens when these public places are played with, changed by, charged with art. Under the name Art in the Underground 2022/23: New Urban Public Spheres, "the participating artists connect the Berlin underground with above-ground urban spaces at Kottbusser Tor, Strausberger Platz and Rotes Rathaus. In the process, the boundaries and potentials of urban spaces are redefined, examined and played with. The focus is on the quality of public spaces as places of encounter and conversation as well as on their use for traffic, shopping, communication and relaxation."

Sounds a bit unwieldy, but works well when you're on-site. For the complete programme, which runs until 10 August, click here.

Where The Wild Roses Grow at Schloss Görne


The train - albeit with a subsequent bike ride - also brings us to the following art location, into the beautiful Havelland to Görne Castle, which was the seat of the Count of Bredow until the 14th century. For the third time, the Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery invites you to the summer exhibition and the promising title Where The Wild Roses Grow, based on the song of the same name by Nick Cave in duo with Kylie Minogue, absolutely lives up to expectations!

The works on display are a tribute to the wild environment and the transformative power of art, using this castle as an example. It had remained untouched for 30 years, during which time it almost became a ruin. The imposing neo-baroque façade has survived the ravages of time well, and still towers among the trees, greeting arriving visitors. In contrast, many of the castle's cavernous rooms are still dilapidated and overgrown. This morbid charm is now dramatised even more dramatically with the works of the participating artists. Wild and romantic, a vortex of nature and art, uncannily good!

Paris in Wonderland at Galerie Kornfeld

Paris Giachoustidis I The End Of Nowhere I 2023 Oil and acrylic on canvas
Paris Giachoustidis I The abduction of Paris I 2023 I Oil and Acrylic on canvas
Paris Giachoustidis I The narcissus effect I 2023 I Oil and acrylic on canvas

In turn, Alice also goes underground in Lewis Caroll's Alice in Wonderland, or more precisely, she follows the famous white rabbit down a hole and emerges in a surreal dream world that, from today's perspective, would most likely be described as an LSD or mushroom trip. Giachoustidis not only picks up on the dreamlike elements in his new series and the surreal setting, but his works also unfold an enormous attraction that, if the viewer allows himself to drift, opens a portal that, once entered, allows direct contact with Giachoustidis' inner experience and imagination. At the same time, depending on the visual impulse, they clearly bring one's own interpretations into perception. We find ourselves on a kind of intermediate level. We perceive everything but react only in flashes and impulses. Sense instead of reason = Portal Energy!

And that's all right because art is always also, at its best, mystery, unknown territory and letting go.

Art meets dance: Berlin Beats in the garden of the Hamburger Bahnhof

Huema Utku I Foto Giorgia Malatrasi
Ariel William Orah I Foto I Irma Fadhila
Hamburger Bahnhof - Museum für Gegenwart - Berlin.Foto: David von Becker

After all, it wouldn't be a Berlin summer if it didn't include dance and open air. This time, however, in the museum. Wait: Dancing in combination with a museum and Berlin sound? Absolutely recommended! The refreshingly experimental event Berlin Beats in the garden of the Hamburger Bahnhof, which runs until 30 August, is a wonderfully lively and, above all, close to the scene and thus authentic project, more of it, please!

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