Dark Matter Winterlights Bring light to the dark!

Wednesday, December 15 2021

Opening Times

Monday + Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday + Thursday: 2:00pm - 10:00pm
Friday + Saturday: noon - 11:00pm
Sunday: 11:00am - 10:00pm


Dark Matter Winterlights
Köpenicker Chausee 46
10317 Berlin Berlin-Köpenick
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Light is especially important right now. The dark and cold time of the year has begun, made even more serious by the precarious situation (caused by rising Corona numbers and the fear of another lockdown). Outdoor arts and cultural events remain the safest and best options there, even if it's not exactly tempting to head outside right now due to the weather.

Hence our suggestion for the whole family: dress extra thick, preferably with colorful scarves and gloves, and head to Dark Matter's first outdoor light installation "Winterlights" as a walking family of colors interrupting Berlin's gray. You can visit the open-air installation up to and including Dec. 23. It's best to book your tickets in advance - the rush gets bigger the closer it gets to Christmas.

On 1000 square meters you can easily spread out and drift through the total of 200 wave-shaped fir trees, whose glow of lights is guaranteed to drive away the winter blues thanks to 80,000 LEDs.

Dark Matter Winterlights I Bonfire
Dark Matter Winterlights
Dark Matter Winterlights I Polygon Playground

Of course it helps to drink a hot steaming mulled wine or punch, sausages (also vegan) are provided in addition, if one would like. For those who have now really warmed up and want to lose themselves even deeper in a bath of color and sound, we recommend the Combi Ticket!

With this ticket, you can go right next door to the permanent exhibition Dark Matter and embark on a journey through the darkness in 7 chapters, including a digital campfire and the child-friendly Polygon Playground!

Whoever doesn't feel like Christmas there is a Grinch!

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Dark Matter Winterlights – Bring light to the dark!
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