Corona Culture What the fuck is happening?!

Wednesday, October 27 2021

Opening Times

October 13th to November 13th 2021
daily: noon - 8:00pm


Alte Münze
Molkenmarkt 2
10179 Berlin Berlin-Mitte
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Throwback to the origin of this column #Kulturfindetstadt: Our wish was to support Berlin's art and culture scene during the difficult Corona times and thus also to set a very conscious example socially - especially during the lockdowns. Because culture still took place, of course, even if mainly digitally or in an urban setting.

The group exhibition Corona Culture also revolves around the question of how this still omnipresent pandemic affects our values, relationships and desires. In planning for over 1.5 years, it could finally be opened last weekend in "real life", on site in the Old Mint fulminant.

With works by over 100 artists, cultural practitioners and activists from all over the world, videos, photographs, 3D design, sound-based works, performances, sculptures and site-specific installations will be spread over 4000 square meters in the historic Alte Münze in the heart of Berlin. For the first time ever, the vaults and production halls of the historic site have been brought together for an exhibition.  

Charlotte J Ward_Charlotte J Ward_Photography_Untitled_2020
Performance, Day One, Moments by dom

"Curated by Kala & Krüger, the exhibition looks at new possible forms of future reality and is particularly dedicated to protecting and cultivating living safe spaces for art and culture." In a city where affordable studio and project spaces are hard to find, the priority of these initiatives cannot be emphasized strongly enough.   

Thus, the dark days of Lockdown can be seen as a kind of pressure cooker or vacuum from which the participating artist:s created a multi-layered and haunting mosaic of perspectives and possibilities on how we can deal with threats and uncertainties in the future.

It is highly recommended to visit the exhibition with plenty of time or even twice, because there are many beautiful details to discover, especially in the former vaults in the basement. On top of that, on selected days there is an evening program where the Old Mint turns into a walk-on stage with music, performances, panel talks and workshops. Day tickets are available here, please inform yourself about the current covid regulations before your visit.

The fact that this project came into being in a time of radical change is also reflected in the exhibition's title: because Corona Culture - What the fuck just happened? became Corona Culture - What the fuck is happening?!... We know by now that there is no simple answer to this question. So let's just go with the flow with an open heart and mind for now, shall we?

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Corona Culture – What the fuck is happening?!
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