Mamecha High Tea the Japanese Way

Tuesday, September 17 2013

Opening Times

Monday till Saturday: noon - 7.00pm
Kitchen till 3.00 pm


Mulackstraße 33
10119 Berlin-Mitte
.How to get there


+49 30 2888 4264

Unimposing yet usually well-frequented, teahouse Mamecha on Mulackstraße is an island of serenity. Situated amidst some of the city’s most extraordinary fashion spots, this modest little space doesn’t care for much fuzz about interior or decoration in general. They put all the more effort into high quality tea, exceptional sweets and original Japanese food, like dumplings, rice balls and bento variations.

The tea menu offers a wide range of classic green teas as well as roasted versions with exotic names like ‘Hojicha’ and ‘Kyo-Bancha’. Combined with milk, you get visually captivating fusions like Matcha-Latte or Matcha Cappuccino. Teas with ginger or lemongras, classic coffee specialties as well as cold beverages are available as well.

In the display, you’ll find delicate desserts hitherto unknown to me, such as Matcha or Green Tea Cheesecake, Layer and Sesame Cakes, Mochis and Matcha Cookies. A Mille-Crêpes Cake caught my attention, with its multiple layers of thin crêpes that were separated by thin layers of fig compote. It was impossible to resist.


Lusciously filled Bento boxes were served to the tables next to us - apparently popular variations like ‘Traditional Japanese Beef Stew with Potatoes, Vegetables and Glass Noodles, over Rice, Salad and a variety of Sides’ or ‘Japanese Meatloaf on Hijiki-Seaweed, Edamame, clear Ginge Sauce, over Rice, Salad and a variety of Sides’ make for a crowded restaurant during lunchtime.

Apart from Bento variations, there’s daily lunch options like ‘Tomato-Rice with Chicken and Vegetables, wrapped in a thin Omelette, served with rice’ or ‘Rice Bowl with Chicken Teriyaki, Egg Flakes and Pickled Ginger’. I decided to stick with a simple green tea yesterday, finished with roasted rice though, it was the most delicate cup of tea I’ve ever had. Wonderfully mild.

My friend’s Green Tea Cheesecake had a beautiful soft green tone and even though she’d had it before, she praised it time and again. She had also tried all the other desserts, and there wasn’t one thing that wasn’t finger licking good. And I trust her blindly!

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