Klaus Dupont The artist as a guest at Antique Jewellery

Wednesday, September 27 2023

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Opening Times

20 September until 28 October 2023


Antique Jewellery Berlin
Linienstrasse 44
10119 Berlin-Mitte
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The Berlin artist Klaus Dupont creates artistic objects from old bronze and metal parts, agates, amethysts or corals that tell stories. As if sprung from a cabinet of curiosities, they cast a spell on onlookers. From 20 September to 28 October, Antique Jewelery at Linienstrasse 44 in Mitte presents an extensive selection of the artist's fabulous works.

"Exotic, colourful feathers crown a black ostrich egg. The bronze dolphin carries on its tail fin a tower of coloured Murano glass beads with a sweeping fan coral as its tip. The flying horse is ridden by an obelisk made of crystal," is how journalist Nikolas Feireiss describes Dupont's objects in the exhibition catalogue. And hardly anyone can escape their fascination.

For over 20 years, these imaginative creations have been created in Kaus Dupont's workshop in Berlin-Moabit. As the son of a family of architects and artists, he grew up surrounded by antiques in Marburg. A visit to the Green Vault in Dresden was formative for him: the rarities, jewellery and valuable curiosities left a lasting impression and inspire him to this day.

Klaus Dupont bie Antique Jewellery-1
Klaus Dupont bie Antique Jewellery-2
Klaus Dupont bie Antique Jewellery-3
Klaus Dupont bie Antique Jewellery-4
Klaus Dupont bie Antique Jewellery-5
Klaus Dupont bie Antique Jewellery-6
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But also the surrealist art of Salvador Dalí, especially the jewellery he designed for his wife or the fashion of the designer Elsa Schiaparelli in the 1930s and 1940s, encouraged Dupont to find his very own artistic expression. At first, however, this was done in the truest sense of the word in secret.

Before Klaus Dupont devoted himself entirely to his artistic work in 2001, he carefully breathed new life into antique furniture as a restorer - without taking away the history of the things. Today, he tells new stories by putting together noble antique individual parts, giving his objects a soul and creating a magic around them that is difficult to escape.

A visit to the exhibition at Antique Jewellery in Mitte is not to be missed!

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Klaus Dupont – The artist as a guest at Antique Jewellery
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