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Saturday, January 05 2013


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After working with Ruth Abendschein, it took me almost two years to find a new personal trainer who could offer me a convincing concept. Her name is Micha Østergaard, she hails from beautiful Esbjerg in Denmark and is filled with so much positive energy, it's contagious. It practically made me want to start bearing down on those evil holiday pounds right away!

The 25 year old Olympic athlete came to Berlin two years ago and settled in Shan Rahimkhanh's new amenities on Kurfürstendamm. Her goal is to help women reach a physical appearance that makes them feel comfortable in their own body. An indispensable condition for true happiness, she never tires of emphasizing, and the fact that no bag or purse will ever do that for you. Every cent you invest in your body will bring you much more satisfaction than any temporary fashion accessory.

A fusion of numerous training and nutritional programs she had tried during her sports career, Micha developed a concept adaptable to any individual lifestyle and nevertheless functioning the same way. No mindless crash dieting or complicated daily routines, but all the more fun during training!

The 30 Day Body Makeover for example comes in at 1900 € and includes everything from nutritional supplements like vitamins and high quality proteins to Beauté Pacifique care products. Of course you can also book shorter programs or single sessions, but Micha always recommends a non-binding trial session beforehand. So don't waste any more time, because as Micha says 'Life is too short to not love the body that you have!'

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True Personal Fitness – Personal Trainer Micha Østergaard
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