Lale Holistic Training with Nele Wiese

Friday, June 17 2016



Personal trainer Nele Wiese is a Scandinavian appearing natural beauty. She sits across from me: tall, slender, with long blond hair. She is warm-hearted, open and empathetic. At first, she seems more subdued than you would expect from a personal trainer, but as soon as she starts to tell me about her life I realize that she is one of those fabulous bundles of energy that needs sports the same way she needs air. 

At the young age of four, Nele started vaulting and didn’t stop for twenty years. She was also a competition-level gymnast, played the violin and the piano, and danced. She grew up in Husum, Germany, Vermont, and Minnesota, USA, worked for the US Ski and Snowboard Team in Utah, USA and at two Olympic Games. When she wanted to learn how to surf, she went to Costa Rica for several months.

While studying Sports Science at the German Sport University Cologne she took a full-time job in marketing at the fashion/boardsport company Nikita, in France. About a year later, Quiksilver approached her to develop the marketing for their girls label, Roxy, and to help popularize boardsports for women.

Nele stayed with Roxy/Quiksilver for five years, built a German-Austrian team for surfers, kiters, skiers, and snowboarders and travelled and worked with the team riders. She was constantly on the move. Her job was her life. She spent a lot of time with amazing athletes in the mountains and by the sea.

In 2012, she came to Berlin and started to take acting classes. She played small parts in movies, coached other actors, and worked as a personal trainer in her spare time. Later she became part of the Berlin Marketing Team for Converse/Nike, while continuously honing her athletic skills.

She started studying and working with the Grinberg Method, a holistic body work, and learned how to teach Prana Vinyasa Yoga from renowned Yogi Shiva Rea in Costa Rica. She also became a Pelvic Floor Coach in order to support women during and after their pregnancies.

Today, her large repertoire of sports and experiences shape her individual lessons and group classes. She creates unique and diverse training programs based on the goals and abilities of each client. She might go swimming or stand up paddling with you, train gently with yoga or integrate the Grinberg Method.

"It is often assumed that the success of a training depends on its intensity," she says. "But everyone is different and needs a different type of training to reach their goal." Therefore, she provides with her holistic approach, which she calls Lale, everything from strength building, flexibility training, endurance and coordination training to fat loss and boxing. "And if someone likes to dance or to do gymnastics, this also can be incorporated into the training," she adds. "It’s important that it’s fun!"

The art of Prana Vinyasa Yoga rekindles the power of Movement Meditation, which is an integral part of her training. It helps to arrive and to open up to any form of movement.

It doesn’t matter how the training is developed, it is always designed to teach you how to train on your own, even after a short time. In addition to the benefits of training, Nele’s positive energy and years of coaching experience with athletes provide motivation inside and outside the workout studio. As she says herself, she is “Coaching for Body & Mind.”

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