Die Dicke Linda Regional market at Kranoldplatz

Wednesday, September 20 2023

Opening Times

Saturday: 10:00am - 4:00pm


Die Dicke Linda
12051 Berlin-Neukölln
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The regional market in Neukölln owes its name to the big potato variety Linda, whose survival was seriously threatened a few years ago. It is not only a popular potato but also significant for organic farmers. Fortunately, it is not only potatoes that can be found on the market, but also many other types of fruit and vegetables.

According to the motto "Trust the good from your region", producers and farmers sell fresh produce directly from their fields and workshops at around 20 stalls. In addition to eggs from free-range chickens, fresh fish from the Müritz and wild herbs from the Berlin Brandenburg region, there are also handmade goods such as jam, raw milk cheese and sausage or honey from the Spreewald.

The small market attracts visitors with its family atmosphere, where neighbours, traders and producers get to talk to each other. The live music also contributes to this and, of course, the many delicacies, such as buckwheat crêpes or Ayurvedic-Indian delicacies, which are prepared directly on site.

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Die Dicke Linda – Regional market at Kranoldplatz
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